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The best products to remove bad smell from shoes in summer

Summer is the time for Bermuda shorts and flowy shirts, as well as sporty T-shirts with short cotton socks. But not because they are shorter and more cotton, our socks will absorb less sweat from the feet, and therefore they will concentrate all the substances that are released from them and that, being the majority aldehydes, will go rancid giving rise to classic unbearable foot odorboth in shoes and in the fabric of the sock.

Paraphasing Tolstoy –“All happy families resemble each other, but each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way”–, all odor-free shoes are similar, but those that do smell, each one does so in their own way. And this is due to the fact that the bad smell of feet, which usually impregnates those shoes that normally and well-being sleep on the windowsill or on the balcony, has multiple causes, although the symptom is myself: an abnormal smell like cheese rancid and extremely unpleasant.

N products that combat foot odor

Devour–Odor 310550

We start with a classic of advertising from the 20th century in Spain, which is still in the spotlight because it works. Devor–Olor deodorant powders eliminate odor thanks to their sodium bicarbonate and perfume content.

In addition, they help regulate sweating thanks to two powerful moisture absorbers: polyacrylate and corn starch, which helps prevent the appearance of infections and fungi thanks to its content of benzalkonium chloride, an antimicrobial preservative.

👟🦶 This model is on Amazon for 5.95 euros

Envii Kit Fresh

This spray contains a spring mint fragrance made from plant essential oils and also uses beneficial bacteria to break down the source of the odor, removing its trace forever. It is safe to use on all materials, from suede to leather.

👟🦶 This model is on Amazon for 18.99 euros

Scholl, Fresh Step Shoe Deodorant

Scholl Fresh Step for Footwear is specially developed with the Dual-Active formula that instantly eliminates odor and provides shoes with 24-hour freshness and odor protection. It creates a film that dries on the shoe, preventing the volatility of the compounds while neutralizing them.

👟🦶 This model is on Amazon for 5.50 euros

Shoe Ninja

Deodorant sachets for shoes with activated charcoal that eliminate unwanted moisture that causes bad odours. Shoe Ninja’s micropores absorb odors like a magnet. On the other hand, the templates can last up to a year and we can also use them in wardrobes, shoe racks, sports bags, etc.

🦶 This model is on Amazon for 14.99 euros

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