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The best products to soothe insect bites

with the summer, insects, especially mosquitoes, begin their particular campaign to steal our blood and sting us. Something that, depending on the person and the species, can be a great annoyance while for others it is just anecdotal.

Despite this, it is often necessary to treat them in some way. Either going to the pharmacy to give us some kind of soothing ointment or having one at home beforehand.

In ConsumptionClaro, we recommend the best lotions against mosquito bites from Amazon.

Strong Relec+Post-pitting

Relec is one of the most recommended brands for this type of wound caused by insects. This pack is one of the most complete kits to deal with bites: it includes a strong spray to prevent mosquitoes from approaching us and a post-bite roll-on to apply to the affected area.

Strong Relec+Post-stings for €13.57

bite away relief

This small bite away machine is an electric pain reliever that works using heat. This is placed on the bite and held for 3 to 5 seconds, considerably reducing the itching sensation. This model is an interesting option for those who do not want to use chemicals.

Bite away relief for €24.95

Puresenttiel Anti-itch

And we close with another of the most widespread creams: the Puressentiel Anti Picaduras. This BIO lotion -that is, without chemicals- is applied to the bite, which not only calms the itching but also helps reduce swelling and heal the wound.

Puresenttiel Anti-bite for €15.60

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