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The best products to whiten white clothes that have turned yellow

We have all suffered from the disappointment that runs through the life of a shirt, or a summer dress, from the moment we buy it with a nuclear white until with the passage of time it turns yellowish like a chicken bone.

It seems to us that the investment we made in the garment has been wasted because it cannot return to its original pristine white color. However, there are many tricks and products for clothes to recover their original shine.

But why does white clothes turn yellow? The causes are a set of factors. From humidity, which favors microbial growth -especially fungi on the cotton fabric, which secrete substances that turn yellow- to the bad habit of washing white clothes together with colored clothes, which, even if treated, always stains a little the target.

The fact is that unless we take extreme care in washing and storing white clothes, it is almost certain that they will end up yellowing. So it will be more practical to focus on the whitening remedies that we will discuss below.

Remove yellow stains from white clothes

Here we are surely referring to sweat stains in the armpits and neck that, if not treated properly in real time, are a fertile field for fungi and bacteria that oxidize the fatty acids exuded with sweat. That is, they become rancid and make them acquire that yellowish color similar to that of rancid cheese.

In this case, we must look for products that act on these rusty stains, degrading them and removing them from the fabric so that it recovers its natural color. They will therefore be aggressive products with organic matter.

1. Hydrogen peroxide

Given its high oxidative power, we must be careful with the most delicate garments or those made of nylon. If we are careful with this, hydrogen peroxide will restore the whiteness of many of our garments in a short period of time. We will prepare a basin with a mixture of cold water and hydrogen peroxide in equal parts. We will submerge the garment and leave it for half an hour.

The recommended product is the same one that we would use to clean the stains on our mattresses, it is a spray of hydrogen peroxide that we can apply on the stains with intensity and profusion five minutes before submerging them in water or putting them in the washing machine.

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two. Blue

If we wash by hand and in cold water, we must dilute a teaspoon for every ten liters of water, stirring it well just before applying the detergent. If we wash by machine, we will apply it by diluting two tablespoons in a liter of water and pouring the mixture into the washing machine, or adding the two tablespoons in the last rinse.

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3. squeezed lemon

We mix half a glass with a liter of hot water and submerge the stained garment for an hour. Then we drain. and let dry in the sun.

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Return the white to a garment that has yellowed

Here we will talk about treatments prior to the entry of the garment in the washing machine.

1. The eco option

To begin, let’s start with an ecological and natural method, which only involves the use of squeezed lemon and baking soda.

1. Fill a plastic basin or bathroom sink with a little hot water. Then, we add a little natural soap to wash by hand, although hand soap can be used. We let the soap dissolve.

two. Add the bicarbonate, it can be about 100 grams, and stir until it foams well.

3. Next, we pour a stream of squeezed lemon; we will notice effervescence.

Four. We immerse the garment for at least one hour.

5. We throw away the dirty mixture and fill the basin again, this time only with cold water.

6. Add a good splash of white vinegar and let it rest for another hour.

7. Drain well and put it in the washing machine with the rest of the white clothes.

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two. Vanish Oxi Action Powder Stain Remover

It is a stain remover for white clothes without bleach in powder format. It is enough to add it together with the washing machine detergent and activate the program on the garment to be bleached.

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3. Nuclear White powder (set of six sachets)

It works very well on gray and yellow stains that are very difficult to remove. And it is a valid treatment for cotton fibers, synthetic fibers and blends. The process is done by hand.

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