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The best radio stations you can listen to on Alexa | Digital Trends Spanish

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If Alexa is your digital assistant by default, you should know that it is also a “bridge” to radio stations with the best music in different genres. You don’t need anything more than to install some skills for it.

A skill is like a kind of app that makes it easy for you to do things with Alexa, from playing a game to relaxing. These are divided into categories such as news, business and finance, wellness and health, productivity, weather, shopping, communication and music.

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Of course, if you already have a favorite local or international radio station, perhaps all you need is to ask Alexa to start it. “Alexa, play Radio Formula” or “Alexa, play 105.7 FM”, for example.

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For those looking to explore new beats in different genres, these are the radio stations (in English) not to be missed.

This skill brings great music thanks to the intervention of professional DJs, who choose the rhythms among all kinds of genres. It is a perfect option in different situations, without neglecting that moment when we only want something in the background to be playing. Also, we like to find new bands and check which recent songs are making “buzz”.

With a consolidated track record, MyTuner Radio is an alternative to access global FM and AM radio in its online version. It is ideal for those who like to listen to international music or news from stations in Europe, Asia or Australia. It’s also the gateway to popular services like NPR News, Radio Disney, and ESPN Radio.

There are countless radio stations to listen to classic rock, but if you are looking for one with an idea to start in the category, we recommend The Roots FM. It’s a popular choice and specializes in skilled DJs and a catalog of songs that goes far beyond the typical 100 classic rock titles played on other stations.

Classic Mix Radio’s promise is to bring you popular songs from the 60’s, without neglecting the new pieces that are making “buzz” right now. It also features special musical performances for deployed US armed forces.

This is the station for fans of this subgenre. It is one of the best choices for those who are looking for a showcase of electronic music, without neglecting some songs with remixed voices.

Based in Louisville, it plays a wide variety of popular music, making it one of the best skills for family businesses like restaurants. It also hosts live DJs every night.

Plays a wide variety of US and UK type music for example. If you like listening to the most popular hard rock and metal bands, as well as finding new bands to follow, this is definitely a skill you should try.

Did someone say metal? Gimme Metal is the station to ‘tune in’ to, plus it’s also a great avenue for trying to find new bands (the hand-picked songs try to keep up with the latest in the genre).

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