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The best restaurants specializing in mushrooms to end the season well

In our report of recipes with mushrooms, by the hand of the cook María Luisa Banzo, with the tricks of her restaurant Maria Luisa’s Kitchen, in Madrid, we taught you how to cook them. But in this one we want to recommend the best restaurants in different areas where mycology is religion, so that you can enjoy them directly with the art of their cooks.

9 recipes to cook all the variety of autumn mushrooms: grilled, garlic, in soup and raw

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In this season, you can discover chanterelles, morels, marzuelos, macrolepiotas, lepistas, gurumelos, yellow dock, wild cauliflower, senderuelas, leucopaxillus or other rarities that, well combined with other ingredients, taste glorious.

These are the ones that our bedside gourmets have advised us. Leave us your favorites in comments for other readers to know, please.

In Madrid and Guadalajara

The Blue Swan is one of the most famous restaurants in Madrid for 40 years for a whole menu of varied mushrooms. In detail, choose between:

  • “The seasonal variety”, with a mixture of mushrooms with egg yolk
  • Boletus El Rey with egg, duck foie or blue Stilton
  • Scrambled eggs with Cantharellus with egg and black truffle, mountain elvers with jabugo ham
  • Tricholomas with lamb gizzards
  • Thistle mushrooms with eels and soft cayenne
  • Trumpets of death with carabinero
  • Flammulinas with duck foie
  • Amanita caesarea sautéed or in carpaccio
  • Scrambled eggs with perrechicos with octopus and wild asparagus
  • Chanterelles with egg and truffle
  • Shiitake with smoked flavored scallops, which are very tasty.

El Doncel Hotel-Restaurant, in Sigüenza, Guadalajara, is the safe bet of Quique Cerro, vice president of the Roja de la Cocina, for the art of chef Enrique Pérez in dishes such as crunchy mushrooms, cauliflower and citrus; bud, stems, roots and mushrooms; dashi of mushrooms and natural oyster or rice with snouts, mushrooms and saffron aioli.

In Castilla y León

La Lobita Restaurant, is located in Navaleno, a privileged enclave in the heart of the pine forests of Soria, whose main ingredient is mycology, according to sommelier Toni Pérez. In her tasting menu, Elena Lucas puts dishes such as:

  • Pickling boletus,
  • Amanita caesarean section-green bean beans
  • Castilian soup with chanterelles and mushrooms
  • Stewed foie with lentils and mountain elvers
  • False roe deer lasagna with boletus
  • Roast Chicken Royal, Prune and Fermented Roasted Garlic
  • White chocolate, mushrooms and chestnuts

Silvano Maracaibo House, on Segovia, recommended to us by the gastronomic communicator Laura Grani for examples such as:

  • Valsaín mushroom carpaccio (Boletus edulis)
  • Symphony of mushrooms with egg yolk, bee foie and truffle

Lera, in Castroverde de Campos, Zamora, is the favorite of the hotelier and winemaker Óscar López, because chef Luis Alberto Lera, in addition to hunting, embroider:

  • Lentils with mushrooms and foie
  • Boletus carpaccio with micuit
  • Grilled cesarean amanita
  • Mushrooms in sauce going crazy

The Splice, in Puebla de Sanabria, also Zamora, is “the best on the planet, by far”, for Diego Rodríguez, biovitivinicultor and sommelier. Not surprisingly, its owners, Gloria Lucía and Elías Martín, published in 2007 a recipe book with the mycologist Juan Antonio Sanche from León, entitled ‘Restaurante El Empalme, mushrooms and their recipes’, prefaced by Juan Mari Arzak. They cook native mushrooms from appetizers to dessert.

In Euskadi

Ganbara bar It is a steakhouse in San Sebastián that the chef recommends Pepe gorines for its seasonal mushrooms and mushrooms, the scrambled eggs with mushrooms and prawns, the mushrooms and mushrooms with foie or the fresh truffle.

AKER rotisserie, In Cuzcurrita-Río Tirón, Vizcaya, in addition to meat, they cook exquisite seasonal mushrooms and mushrooms, according to Pretium’s winemaker, Berta Valgañón.

In Aragon

Callizo Restaurant, in Aínsa, is a recommendation from the Aragonese Rita Piedrafita and we attest that he has been cooking the heart of the Pyrenees for decades until he has earned the Michelin star. In its menu, of course, it includes seasonal mushrooms because it is what is in the mountains.

The Verola Mill, by Vera del Moncayo, on the Agramonte road, Rafa San Emeterio, partner of The Maltier, bet on the beans with porcini and clams, the fantasy of mushrooms and mushrooms or the sautéed mushrooms with garlic, egg and foie.

Saboya 21 Restaurant, in Tarazona, it is a coincidence between two gastronomes like Patricia Sola and Gloria Señoris de Pedro, of the Atocha restaurant 107, because it is simply sensational. Test:

  • Boletus aerius (black mushroom) confit in EVOO with Iberian bacon
  • Stew of seasonal mushrooms in brick and tomato with thyme
  • Cheese breaded in inks with chanterelle lutescens

The Racking, of wines and tapas in Barbastro, is also a favorite of Señaris because, he argues, “I have had the opportunity to try a few seteros dishes this season and they have surprised me very pleasantly.” In this old San Julián Hospital from 1900, completely renovated, in the spring and autumn there is no shortage of wild mushrooms and mushrooms: boletus edulis, yellow trumpets, chanterelles and, of course, the real black truffle, the “tuber melanosporum” of the Graus market.

In Catalunya

Can Llonga, in Els Hostalets d’en Bas, the favorite town of journalist Neus Duran, it serves a super-economical menu with delicacies such as the warm mushroom salad that is garnished with all meats.

Can Xel, with its volcanic cuisine typical of La Garrotxa, surprises with its candied mushroom salad or veal with mushrooms.

In Andalucia

Montecruz Restaurant, in Aracena, it is a recommendation of the journalist Jose Muros because it serves the best mycological product in the vicinity of the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche, with examples such as piquillo peppers stuffed with wild boar and gurumelos, winner of the Huelva Tapa Fair or rice with mushrooms.

Troyano Bar Restaurant, in Los Angeles, Jimena de la Frontera station (Cádiz), is, for Álvaro Lima Towers, “quite a spectacle, starting with the venison loin with garlic and angula de monte, but the thing is that it even has mushrooms for dessert!”

Catavinos Tavern, in Granada, is the recommendation of the gastronomic journalist Margarita Lozano Ruiz, for its specialization in mushrooms. Respect the most common or the rarest by cooking them on the grill and with salt flakes, or seasoned with garlic oil. They also have them in cultivation so that they are not missing in their menu out of season.

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