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The best restaurants to eat almadraba tuna (and not only in Cádiz)

If in other articles we talked to you about the parts of the tuna that are cut up in those ronqueos during the time that the trap lasts, that three-thousand-year-old technique of respectful fishing with the ecosystem of this species, in this one we recommend you in which restaurants to eat it inside and outside Cádiz (where you cannot miss the tuna routes this spring).

In May and June it will be easier to taste fresh tuna, which is the best way to savor its qualities when it is not a raw recipe. Afterwards, it does not matter to eat it pre-frozen in tartar or sashimi because it is the guarantee to end the anisakis. And, throughout the year, you can taste it in salted meats, which also give a lot of play.

For example, if you have a chance, try sea ​​hamfruit of the collaboration between Small Hip Flask and Ángel León, National Prize for Gastronomy since aponiente and its popular version, The Chef del Mar Tavern.

In his experimental line, he could not think of anything better than subjecting a tuna belly to the salting and curing process. The result is cut like a ham but still tastes like bluefin tuna, with its infiltrated fat, except that with a texture more similar to mojama, as we verified in the Seafood Expo Global Barcelona 2022.

Here we go with the list of establishments where you are going to discover a whole world:

Tuna cards to give you a tribute

the camperin Barbate, and The Camper’s Tavern, in Zahara de los Atunes, are the two tuna meccas in Cádiz and in the rest of Spain and abroad. Simply, you have to go eat everything from the roe to the tuna steak, which allows you to try, in a single cut, the most coveted parts: discharge, tarantelo and ventresca.

The ribs or a tasting of all the tapas with different ways of preparing each specialty will kidnap your senses forever.

zoko was born in Zahara, but spread to Seville and Madridin the Retiro area, and now Zoko Valdemarín takes you home, in delivery or take away format, six of the best dry and seafood rice dishes from the rice restaurant Zokarrá.

If you go to any of their premises, those who join Krapula Y Wild, be sure to try their wild tuna pornography, the facera with onions or the Inés Rosales oil toast with tuna sashimi. And the atmosphere is the most fun!

Baelo Restaurant: in Torrelodones, Madrid, the old Olive Restaurant will amaze you with its tuna tripe with chickpeas and a whole section of pure almadraba bluefin tuna with olive-reminiscent tartar, Nikkei-style spicy tartar, smoked bull sashimi with rosemary, grilled red tuna chops flambéed with Bourbon, grilled tarantelo with tomato, basil and Palo Cortado pearls; Ventresca entrecote with its Biscayan sauce, glazed Parpatana churrasco and Padrón peppers or Royal galete, Tuna cheeks.

Bugao Madrid: in its four spaces, chef Hugo Ruiz offers a Piscoatún tasting to choose from: red tuna tarantelo toast, soy, tomato and black truffle; red tuna taco with spicy tomato, tuna sirloin minicachopo, payoyo, mojama and algae; red tuna slices with EVOO, salt and pepper; red tuna tartare, guacamole and wasabi; tuna dish with onions, odorous, fried egg and croissant; red tuna flamenquín, payoya goat cheese, algae and parmesan and mojama vinaigrette; red tuna meatballs in homemade tomato and red tuna in sherry marinade, with fried egg, beetroot, roasted garlic and baby vegetables.

Villalon Restaurant, in Morón de la Frontera, Seville, stands out for its assortment of almadraba with grilled belly, tartar, tataki and sashimi, which is also served separately, as well as the belly carpaccio or tuna ribs. One of the few places where they put the tartare with egg as if it were beef steak tartare.

Loose dishes for the rest of Spain

Okura Sushi Gastro Barin Ayamonte, Huelva, tempts you with the Almadraba red tuna Tosta Okura with truffle mayonnaise and furikake.

the rengein Teatinos, Malaga, shows its tuna tartar with avocado and its tataki sealed on the outside and raw on the inside.

The Boqueronin Córdoba, has a tartare with sprouts and regañá spreads.

the brunhildein Seville, usually has tuna tataki with cous cous and vegetables on the menu.

bisavis restaurantin Barcelona, ​​Eduard Ros, the chef, sommelier and one-man band in general, chooses the wines to pair with dishes such as tuna belly and sea urchin (or with figs) on a pesto base or tuna tartare.

orioin Valencia, from the Sagardi group, has red tuna from the Barbate almadraba with tomato confit on its menu.

Maza & Cerónin Murcia, in addition to a wine cellar with thousands of wine references, you can sign up for paired tastings such as “El tuna y sus vino” or order their mojama or their ventresca with candied piquillo peppers from Navarra.

Sea of ​​Cadiz, in Zaragoza, proposes wild bluefin tuna from almadraba in tomato cooked for five hours with fried eggs and potatoes. Crazy.

Pukkelin Huesca, allows you to try, on the other side of the country, its almadraba red tuna tartar, its tataki with popcorn or its Japanese proposals with a variety of cuts of tuna in sashimi.

Inn of Los Palmerosin Tierra de Campos, Palencia, serve grilled almadraba tuna tarantelo, at its cooking point and accompanied by a spectacularly flavored ratatouille, which is the specialty of the land.

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