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The best restaurants with good, beautiful and, above all, cheap fresh fish

As we know that it is not easy to find a good marine product at a good price, we have prospected among our most gastronomic sources throughout the Spanish geography.

And they have revealed a few fish restaurants (even with shellfish) from some of our autonomous communities which, in addition to having an excellent value for money, are the ideal place to enjoy them on holidays, celebrations or, simply, when we feel like eating their food.

From the famous Huelva prawns to the Galician-style octopus, passing through the Rioja-style cod or the fried or grilled fish, in the following establishments you will find those wonders that the fishermen take to the fish markets every morning so that the cooks choose the best raw material.

Whoever gets up early and has the best friends at sea is the one who can later offer that quality at the best price for the consumer. Here are our recommendations, but if you know of others, leave them in the comments.

In Andalucia

Cádiz is one of the Meccas for fish and shellfish at a good price and this is demonstrated in restaurants such as the little castleon the promenade of La Puntilla in El Puerto de Santa María, or The Titi-El Bartolo Canteenon the ‘beach’ of La Casería de San Fernando, are specialists in leaving the perfect fried fish at ridiculous prices.

The gray hair Y Hermanos Hernandez Tomilleros Restaurantlocated in La Línea de la Concepción, are the perfect restaurants to eat like kings: fried redfish, snapper, sea bream, sea bass and sea bream, battered prawns, skewers and fresh wild tuna fresh from the Strait.

In Isla Cristina, Huelva, Bar Verbena Casa Marino offers grilled fish or shrimp omelette for eight euros and, in Granada, Tere’s Fry prepares to take fried fish in cartridges in the Andalusian style of a lifetime. Rodrigo’s Corner It is a mandatory stop to enjoy some tapas as an appetizer or a Basque-style hake for 15 euros to eat.

In Marbella, in The Watchmaker, you can enjoy all kinds of seafood and fish or a seafood paella for two people for 21.50 euros. In addition, it is a very good gluten-free option, since all its dishes can be adapted.

To take there or to take away, The Cordovan It is famous for its espetos. Its varied portions (half or whole) can be combined with sardines or pijotas. Other options are the garlic prawns for 10.50 a portion or the fried baby squid and anchovies.

In Madrid

Seafood Circlein Aluche, is the twin brother of balamo, in Alcorcón, but both are characterized by offering generous frying, very well done and clean, as well as fresh fish such as the extraordinary grilled monkfish with garlic, which is well worth the price shift. Even oysters and other shellfish like white prawns are cheap. And the service, they already wanted it in the capital.

Lavapiés welcomes The Boquerona small and classic beer bar named after its star tapa, although the grilled crayfish also stand out.

In Galicia

Rias Baixas It is THE place to treat yourself to scallops and octopus for good value for money. To Solanain O Grove, is one of the best-known seafood restaurants in the area, not only for its shrimp from the Grove, but also for its rice with lobster (a generous portion for two people for 49 euros).

in Cantabria

Infinite the marine product of this community. For example, in Quejo, in the Hotel Restaurant Astuyyou can stay on the beachfront while they serve you seafood from their endless menu.

In Santoña, one of the main Cantabrian tourist spots, grilled sardines are the specialty of the restaurant Pascual the Chilito which you will have to go with time if you want to get a place to enjoy its views of Laredo.

In Barcelona

The Smoked Cove It is one of the legends of Barceloneta, since, although it does not have a sign, everyone knows its name. Located next to the food market, whose workers it came to serve, this tapas bar preserves the essence of the old fishing district, maintaining the same dishes on its menu as when it was created in 1944: sardines, mussels, cap i pota and its delicious octopus discards, among others.

In one of the most touristic Catalan destinations, Cambrils, we find Germans Miquel’swhere the value for money is essential, especially in products such as their seafood platter to share, fried whiting or mussels a la marinera.

In asturias

In 1963, an old fisherman’s house with a maritime atmosphere was created in Tazones, which became a The Nansa. Although the menu is not very extensive, fish and shellfish such as lobster, sea bream or fried pixín, so typical of that area, reign supreme. The homemade scorpion fish pâté is, without a doubt, his favorite dish among customers.

in Llanes, The Chestnut offers a two for one: accommodation and restaurant a stone’s throw from the Antilles beach. In the latter, chef Joaquín Felipe Peira is in charge of seasoning fresh fish and shellfish only with black pepper and reduced natural meat juice, to highlight the natural flavors of his products.

In the Basque Country

In the port of Bermeo, in Vizcaya, the Jokin restaurant obtains fresh fish and shellfish from its own nursery. With views of the sea, you have several locations: enjoy the menu of the day for 15 euros or order dishes such as cod salad or clams in sauce.

In Orio, the Still Life Grill Joxe Mari became famous for its seafood but, above all, for its sea bream. Once a place for sailors, today it is the restaurant that has served three generations of a family that has stood out for its tireless cuisine specializing in grilled fish.

in Zarautz, Telesforo It stands out not only as a restaurant, but as a cozy place for business lunches, meetings or any type of celebration. Among its specialties: clams, prawns and kokotxas, monkfish, neck, turbot or sea bass.

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