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The best rollers to turn your bike into a static one

One of the main ways to avoid heat stroke during the harsh waves that we are experiencing in Spain is not to exercise outdoors during the day. This, for many of us, can lead to boredom or break the routine, especially for those who are used to going out on the bike.

Incredible as it may seem, for these cases there is a much more versatile solution than getting an exercise bike: turning ours into one. This is achieved with bicycle rollers.

These are mobile anchors in which we can place the bicycle to pedal in our house and prevent it from moving. In ConsumptionClaro, we recommend some models.

Fitfiu Rob-10

This bicycle roller can be a good solution for those who want to continue pedaling without having to leave home. We find a piece with up to 6 resistance levels to give us a little more cane if we need it. In this case, it is compatible with wheels from 26 to 29 inches in diameter.

Fitfiu Rob-10 for €99.99

Elite Novo Force

Another magnetic roller that, in this case, is of high quality and designed for people who are very used to riding a bicycle. This model has 8 resistance levels and a design that ensures great stability, even with mountain bikes.

Elite Novo Force for €114.98

songmics bike roller

Now, if we are looking for something very tight in price, the previous models may escape the budget. These Songmics rollers have 6 resistance levels and compatibility with wheels between 26 and 28 inches in diameter.

Songmics bicycle roller for €58.99

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