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The best sandwich makers to have your sandwiches always crispy and tasty

It doesn’t matter if you call it ‘bikini’, as in Catalonia, ‘mixed’, as in Madrid, or ham and cheese sandwich, which is how it is known in the rest of the state, the fact is that this sandwich is the most popular , efficient and tasty when looking for a snack to solve a lunch or dinner.

In this way, if in addition to the ingredients -sliced ​​bread, York ham, melted cheese in slices and butter- we have a good sandwich maker, we will achieve the best sandwiches, crunchy on the outside, creamy on the inside and, above all, hot. and comforting, that makes the ball of bread pass better.

But not only for ham and cheese sandwiches can a sandwich maker be useful, other sandwiches are also appreciated, such as the typical ‘american club’, with fried egg, cheese, ham and lettuce, or vegetables with mayonnaise and chicken or hamburgers . The fact is that the sandwich maker gives the bread a sponginess and a crunchy structure that makes it much more digestible.

In this way, if we have girls and boys at home or we are fond of sandwiches, having one of these appliances can make our lives -and meals- much more pleasant, and for this reason, below we offer you three models of sandwich makers that they can interest both for quality and for price.

Cecotec Electric Grill Rock’nGrill 750 Full Open

Electric grill with 750 W of power with 180º opening to make the most of the cooking surface. It has a stone coating that ensures maximum non-stick and the best cleaning. It is an ecological coating, free of PTFE, PFOA and other toxins.

The floating top plate adjusts in height to all foods, allowing the most varied sandwiches. Another advantage is its cool-touch handle and its closing clip, which allows it to be stored vertically so that it fits into any hole.

🥪🌭🍔 This model is on Amazon for 22.90 euros

Taurus Toast & Go

700 W grill with adaptable top plate to cover different heights and non-stick griddle. Features cool handle and A++ energy efficiency. Modulated in steel and plastic, it has a flat and slim structure that allows it to be stored vertically.

🥪🌭🍔 This model is on Amazon for 28.00 euros

Aigostar Warme 30HHH

Grill sandwich maker totally free of BPA, that is to say that its plastic parts are suitable for food use, without any type of chemical Bisphenol A. With a power of 750 W and with cooking plates of 23 x 14.5 centimeters, the plate top fits almost any thickness of food, sandwich or snack.

🥪🌭🍔 This model is on Amazon for 22.99 euros

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