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The best security cameras to keep an eye on young children

In homes where there are small children or babies, Security is very important. Many times we fear being in a different room from our children because of the possibility that they trip, eat something they shouldn’t or could hurt themselves.

That is why it is common for us to think about buying a security camera to, at least, place in the bedroom of the smallest minors. The wifi security cameras they are a good tool, if we establish limits and know how to use it, very useful to be able to avoid any scare for our children.

The first thing is to be clear that a security camera of this type can commit a breach of privacy. In other words, whenever there is the possibility that a friend or family member may enter the room where we have one, we will have to notify that there is a camera in said space so that, therefore, they are aware of it.

The second thing is, if our objective is to be able to monitor a minor, take into account their age and their own privacy. It is not a good idea to use this type of device when our child is of a certain age, so it is only a recommended option for babies or very young children.

However, what do these cameras provide? Being devices that work through Wi-Fi, we can see the live image on most of them from our mobile phone and go to it if necessary at the moment. This, obviously, allows us to be in a different room while performing some task without completely “abandoning” our heirs.

In ConsumptionClaro we recommend some wifi security camera models which are among the best on the market.

Blink Mini

A really small and aesthetic security camera that is also very well priced. The Blink Mini is a camera that works with a cable and records with a resolution of 1080p that, as usual, can be seen in real time from our mobile. In addition, this device has a night vision mode to see without a problem at night.

A microphone and speakers can also be activated to both hear what is happening in the room and to be heard from the room. We have motion alerts and the ability to save short video clips for later viewing.

netvue wifi camera

The Netvue camera, like the previous one, is a great option at an affordable price but without sacrificing the best features. This model is completely wireless and, compared to before, it has a cloud service and even the possibility of inserting an SD card in the camera so as not to pay for a service Cloud.

The camera has Alexa compatibility and motion detection and human differentiation, since it distinguishes insects, pets, etc. Regarding the resolution, it records in 1080p and has a 4x zoom and night vision.

Netvue WiFi camera for €29.94

Xiaomi Mi 360

Xiaomi is always a brand to keep in mind when looking for devices with a great quality/price ratio. The Mi 360 camera has a 1080p resolution and night vision mode using an infrared illuminator and noise reduction technologies.

This camera, as a great point in favor, has a horizontal viewing angle of 360 degrees and 96 degrees vertically, which makes it easier to avoid dead spots and can be placed in more complicated places or larger rooms. Also, this camera can be installed both vertically and horizontally, depending on the manufacturer.

Xiaomi Mi 360 for €32.20

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