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The best shortcuts you can run on your Mac with Monterey | Digital Trends Spanish

To address the issue smoothly: the shortcuts in macOS Monterey They allow you to carry out different tasks quickly, which will save you several steps in the applications and, above all, time. This updatable list brings together some of the best that come pre-configured in the app. shortcuts.

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What are shortcuts in macOS Monterey?

This is one of the new tools in the latest version of Apple’s desktop operating system, which is defined as a quick way to perform one or more tasks with your apps.

The firm adds that it doesn’t matter if you create a shortcut on the iPhone, iPad, or Mac, it will automatically sync across each of the computers.

Is there an app to see all the shortcuts?

Yes. The application is called precisely shortcuts, and they can be found from some already preconfigured to customizing others. To run them it is only necessary to use the Finder, menu bar, Spotlight, Dock or desktop.

Is it possible to share them?

“Share shortcuts as easily as you share a link and download them to use without having to configure complicated security settings. When you receive a shortcut, smart instructions will allow you to choose the data you want to share, “explains Apple.

The process to spread one involves opening the Shortcuts app, locating the one you are interested in sending (you must already have it installed), right-clicking on it and, in the list of options, choosing the means by which you want to send it to your contacts .

The best shortcuts for your Mac

Just as a note of clarification, the following shortcuts can be accessed, or added, from the Gallery of the Shortcuts app. That is, you don’t need a complex setup to use them (creating one takes time and practice).

To run them as quickly as possible, once they have been added, the recommendation is to drag them to the Menu bar of the app. In this way, they are displayed when the Shortcut representation between the icons that are in the upper right corner of the main screen is pressed.

Split screen with 2 apps (organization)

You almost certainly always run two applications at the same time—side by side—like your browser with your word processor with the idea of ​​taking notes as you read. This shortcut opens them for you so you don’t waste any time and focus on what’s important.

Open Safari reader (productivity)

Would you like to read that article with information that interests you in a cleaner interface? You just have to copy its URL and execute this shortcut so that it opens in the Safari reader without those elements that can steal your attention.

Image of the day (learning)

It allows you to get NASA’s astronomical photo of the day and save it to your camera roll or share it.

How many days until (reminder)

To always keep in mind an important date, whether it is a work meeting or your partner’s birthday, this shortcut indicates it (it displays from the months to the minutes to reach that relevant day).

Clothes washing timer (alarm)

So that clothes don’t stay (forever) in the washing machine, this shortcut lets you set a timer. Once the minutes you indicated are up, an alarm will notify you that it is time for you to get up to finish this task.

Read later (productivity)

Don’t have time to read that article you just found? As its name implies, this shortcut allows you to save it—by copying its URL—with the intention of reading it later on one of the following services: Lectures, Pocket, Instapaper, and Pinboard.

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