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The best smart lamps of 2021 | Digital Trends Spanish

Smart lamps are an amazing way to harness the power of Alexa, Google Home, and other voice assistants to control and customize your home lighting. You can choose multiple colors, set times and scene options, and even adjust the intensity of the light on the fly. From the pioneers, to some new and innovative brands, here is our pick for the best smart lamps of 2021.

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Philips Hue Iris

Philips Hue is highly regarded in the world of smart lights and offers one of the strongest lines in the industry. Iris is your latest smart lamp, which stands out for its unconventional design.

Taking some of the design cues from the Philips Hue Bloom Above, the Iris has a more spherical shape which makes it perfect as a spotlight on a desk. It’s great for accenting wall art and there’s a bit of residual shine around its translucent base too.

It doesn’t disappoint with its performance, it provides strong light that can illuminate corners and small spaces easily, and the colors also have a deep, vibrant glow. That’s important when it comes to setting the right mood, and as part of the Philips Hue family, it can be combined with other smart lights from the company to deliver impressive light scenes.

Glow Light by Casper

Casper Glow Light on the table.

Glow Light is a unique smart light in the sense that it doesn’t change to a million different colors and can in fact be controlled without the app. Just moving the lamp from one end to the other activates it.

Glow Light is designed to help you fall asleep by starting bright and gradually dimming over 45 minutes.

Glow Light is portable too, meaning you can take it with you if you wake up in the middle of the night to have a drink of water or browse a darkened house, and the light remains dim enough not to wake anyone else.

Although Glow Light can be controlled via gestures, there is an included app that gives you even more customization and power over the lamp.

CET Tree of Light

CET “Tree of Light” Smart Table Lamp on a small table, one of the best smart lamps

If style is your main goal, you will love this little bonsai tree inspired LED light.

It is also very versatile: there is a small Bluetooth speaker to play soothing sounds from your mobile devices and a Qi standard wireless charger to charge your cell phone.

Keep in mind that you may need to remove thicker cases from cell phones to properly charge them wirelessly this way.

Touch controls allow you to adjust the brightness of the LED light or press and hold to activate a sleep mode that turns off after 30 minutes.

The CET Tree of Light It’s made of metal and cherry wood, and the LED light equates to 20W, so you won’t be using it to light up an entire room, but rather as an accent or nightlight.

C for GE Sol

The C by GE Sol Smart Lamp on a coffee table in a living room

The GE Sol C Smart Lamp is as futuristic as it sounds, with a built-in smart speaker. It is compatible with a wide range of other smart home devices, so you can have a truly connected home.

The lamp has Amazon Alexa on board, so you can turn it on and off with your voice, and even use it to set timers, check the weather report, and play music.

With a host of different colored lighting options, you can easily select the perfect shade for your mood and use lighting colors to promote a better sleep cycle.

The smart lamp C for GE Sol is not small, it is about the size and diameter of a basketball, unlike some of the other more compact devices on this list. Therefore, make sure you have enough space where you plan to place it.

Aukey Touch RGB

Aukey RGB table lamp.

This 360 degree bedside lamp from Aukey is one of the best lamps on this list. For starters, each of the three main lighting functions is controlled by touching the aluminum base.

One touch turns on the light, a second touch allows you to adjust the brightness, and a long press allows you to change the color of the illumination. The warm white light and color modes are rich and vibrant, bringing life to the rooms that need it.

Before going to bed, turn the lamp to blue for a soothing shade to wake you up in the morning. Or, if you’re stuck indoors, set it to green to bring a more natural earthy presence to your living space.

If you prefer to let the lamp choose for you, there is also an automatic cycle mode. The Aukey Touch takes up the same footprint as an Amazon Echo speaker, measuring just 8.5 inches tall and almost 4 inches wide. Its compact size makes it easy to unplug and reposition it in any room in your home.

We found that the power cord can be a bit temperamental if not positioned correctly. You can stop this problem in its tracks by adjusting the Aukey lamp to avoid catching something in the cord.

Amazon Echo Glow

Amazon Echo Glow on the table.

Amazon Echo Glow provides a significant amount of entertainment and functionality. Connects with any Echo product and is interactive.

Its unique Rainbow Timer can be activated by a simple “set a timer for” command. Bring a fun and colorful light show to your space.

You will know that time is running out when the color of the glow changes. It can work as a visual cue to let you know if something is almost done cooking or to let kids know it’s time to get ready for bed.

The lamp can imitate a flickering flame, create a dance party atmosphere with its disco lights function, and more. You can also set specific settings in Glow to prevent your child from accidentally finding inappropriate content.

An Amazon FreeTime subscription can limit your Echo Glow to kid-friendly music titles and audiobooks.

What are the advantages of smart lamps?

Smart lamps offer many advantages over traditional lighting, one of which is energy savings. Smart LED lights use less energy than halogen or fluorescent bulbs, and the scheduling features mean you can automatically turn the lights off at a specified time without lifting a finger.

You can also use smart lamps as part of a security system. By linking your lamp to the rest of the devices in your home and having it go off when an alarm detects motion, it gives the illusion that someone is home even if no one is there.

Smart lights can serve specific purposes that traditional lights cannot fulfill, such as the Glow light to help you fall asleep or provide illumination on the go.

What should you consider when buying smart lamps?

Smart lamps can become a staple in your home. Many people are first exposed to smart products through smart lighting, and these lamps are a direct extension of that.

These lamps often feature as many (if not more) features than a standard smart bulb because they are designed from the ground up to serve a specific purpose.

When buying a smart lamp, consider its use first. Where do you want to place this lamp? Is it for reading, lighting a room or setting? Take into account if it should be plugged in at all times or if it can be placed after charging.

Lamps that do not require an electrical connection provide more flexibility in placement throughout the room and are often best for ambience rather than utilitarian lighting.

What features are included in the lamp? Some lamps can pulse the lights to the beat of the music, while others can only toggle between colors when prompted.

Also, you should consider how smart its smart features are. Does it work with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, or can it only be controlled via the app?

What is your budget? Smart lamps range in price from $ 30 to $ 200 or more. Ambient lamps often cost more, but lamps that can light up a room or are not from such a well-known brand can be found at lower prices.

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