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The best smartwatches to improve the safety of our elders

Smartwatches have become one of the most common accessories among most users. As smart watches, they fulfill the function of the “originals” (tell the time) and, in addition, for many of us they can be a really useful extension of our mobile. Now, can they also be of help to older people?

The best smartwatches for all users

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These types of devices seem very modern and complex, and many of us may wonder, beyond the technological “shit” they may include, what applications may be useful. The reality is that several.

And it is that smartwatches can be an option to take into account so that our elders are safer. For example, Francisco Javier García, a partner at, wrote to ConsumoClaro to ask us about warning systems in the event of a crash “alternative to the usual companies”; a feature that some models have, in addition to other warning systems.

It is true that smart watches focused on the safety of the elderly are not common. That is, the offer is not very wide and on some occasions we will have to configure smartwatches to be able to adapt them.

What do we look for in a smartwatch for the elderly?

Beyond the capacity or memory or other characteristics, when looking for a smartwatch for our parents or grandparents we must look at:

Fall arrest systems. The classic alarm system that warns the authorities and close contacts when the person falls – if the alarm is not deactivated in a short time.

SOS button. The typical feature that, keeping a button pressed, allows us to send a message to the emergency services and our relatives with the location.

Health meters. Heart rate sensor, blood oxygen … Any addition in this regard is always very useful to monitor the health of our elders.

Now, what are the best smartwatches with these characteristics?

Apple Watch Series 5/6/7

The watches of the apple company are one of the most common and they are really one of the best options when it comes to this type of device. Since Series 5, these smartwatches have an anti-fall system, SOS button and an EGG system, the most particular.

The ECG allows to carry out electrocardiograms from the device itself, something that can be very useful in different cases.

Apple Watch Series 7 for € 429

Garmin Fenix ​​5S

Garmin is another of the great brands when it comes to wearables and the Fenix ​​5S can be a great option for our elders. It is a smartwatch that, although it is specially designed for exercise, has: GPS, heart rate meter, sleep control … and an integrated fall alert system.

Garmin Fenix ​​5S for € 499

Nock Senior

Neki is a Spanish company that has smart watches specially designed for the elderly. Not only do they have fall arrest systems, but it also allows us to create a “safety zone” to alert us when the person leaves it and keeps a record of the places they have been.

You can buy it too through the official website of neki.

Communicator + Pager

One of the most purchased on Amazon is this watch that, although it is not a smartwatch, it does have an SOS button to notify both the authorities and your relatives, a GPS locator and a fall sensor with an alarm. In addition, it has a much lower price than the rest.

Communicator + Pager for € 89

SeniorDomo Protect

Another watch that is touted as “for seniors” or those with Alzheimer’s. This is the SeniorDomo Protect, a low-profile watch that has a small number of ratings that are generally positive. It has a GPS locator, a fall detection system and an SOS button. From the first month of use, a plan of € 12.9 per month will have to be contracted for the watch to be serviced.

SeniorDomo Protect for € 129

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