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The best snorkel goggles to see the seabed this summer

Diving is one of the activities that we like to do the most during the holidays: immerse ourselves in the sea and see what we have under our feet and even be able to see some of the animals that live in the water. Although some may use swimming models, it is best to use slightly more prepared goggles, such as snorkeling or diving.

Despite being more cumbersome and uncomfortable for some people, these allow greater visibility underwater and cover the nose area, something essential if we want to go down a little more than two meters underwater – remember that to go down more than five meters we will have to be accompanied by a professional. This is the basic element, which can be accompanied by other accessories such as a snorkel or fins for the feet.

At ConsumptionClaro, we recommend the best snorkeling or diving goggles to enjoy the activity during our vacations.

Cressi F1

The classic diving goggles with a single lens design for the best possible visibility. Available in various sizes and colors, it is a model made of silicone with an adjustment button that makes it easy to put it on and take it off. For its part, Cressi is a brand focused on diving clothing and accessories, so they have extensive experience in the field.

Wsobue diving mask

What if we look for some more complete glasses? There are diving masks that cover the entire face and may be more comfortable for some people. This Wsobue model is a panoramic diving mask that not only covers the eyes and nose, but also has an air chamber for the mouth that has a breathing tube, which makes it easier to see the seabed and allows us to breathe without have to stick your head out.

Wsobue diving mask for €25.59

Cressi Combo

But many of us may not want just a pair of snorkel goggles as they can fall short. This Cressi pack, on sale, can be a very succulent option for people who already have some experience or want to go a step further in their hobby. Combo features the top spot F1 goggles along with a snorkel Alpha Ultra Dry and a pair of fins to facilitate swimming.

Regarding the tube, it is a model made of hypoallergenic silicone and a water collection tub that prevents us from swallowing it while we breathe and an anti-splash outlet, so that it does not enter when we submerge.

Cressi combo for €67.18

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