Saturday, December 4

“The best space tacos ever made”: NASA tests the food we will take to Mars on the International Space Station

Ok, yes, they are the only ones that have been made in Space with chili peppers grown in the same Space, but if we stop at these minutiae we run the risk of overlooking how amazing is the matter that we are experiencing live and direct . Zero-gravity chili peppers, canned fajita meat, some rehydrated tomatoes, and here is!: some tacos that not only look good, but go beyond.

Because all this Mexican feast is part of an orbital agriculture project that NASA is developing to test new meals (and food approaches) with a view to supplying the next missions to the Moon and Mars.

The end of the world restaurant

In fact, the astronauts didn’t just eat tacos. They had to fill out a whole survey on the organoleptic properties of the peppers grown up there. This will help us a lot because the harvests of the International Space Station will be something continuous from now on and, although as NASA says, we already know that “studies on the development of fruit in microgravity […] have noticed a lower development compared to observations on the terrestrial soil“There are still many things to understand. And the palate has a lot to do with it.

And it is that, in addition to observing what agriculture would be like up there (how plants will evolve in microgravity environments or how the logistics that we control so well on Earth will change), the harvest and consumption of plants by astronauts They will allow us to understand how food tastes and how our appetites change during space travel.

As we have explained several times, there are two things related to space that always arouse passions (and generate enormous logistical problems): food and physiological needs. We have talked about the process of making freeze dried food or the details of how some of the water in urine is recycled within the International Space Station, but the dream of every space engineer is to provide a comprehensive solution to this, the same that exists on Earth: hacer grow edible biomass in space thanks to the waste from the same ship.

We are still far from it, but everything evolves at an exorbitant rate. Above all, if we take into account how slow we have been until a few years ago. The new space race already goes way beyond the obvious.

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