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The best Street Fighter games ever | Digital Trends Spanish

Capcom’s Street Fighter is one of the most famous video game sagas of all time. It started in 1987 with the street-fighter original (also called fighting street) and has since grown in an incredible way, even branching out into animated TV shows, live action movies, and international tournaments.

The franchise has released more than 15 titles over the years, including multiple editions. But this week, Capcom finally topped Street Fighter V 2016 and officially announced the sixth installment of the main saga. Regarding this news, here we have a Top 3 of the best games of street-fighter of history

3.Street Fighter Alpha 3 (1998)

Street Fighter Alpha 3 It is one of the most balanced titles in the saga in terms of strength of characters and gameplay. Also, the graphics, animation, and player control in Alpha 3 were near perfect.

Removing auto and manual modes, the title was notable for the addition of ISM fighting styles. With this, players could choose from three different system mechanics: A-ISM, X-ISM, and V-ISM, each dramatically altering gameplay. Therefore, players could vary the experience according to their own style of play, adding a great level of customization.

The game also featured virtually every fighter in the series, both from the Street Fighter and Alpha sub-series, and the various console versions added a variety of characters and modes depending on the platform. With all that content and the huge critical and commercial reception it received, Street Fighter Alpha 3 It remains one of the most acclaimed games in the saga.

2.Ultra Street Fighter IV (2014)

Eleven years after the first incarnation of Street Fighter IIII arrive Street Fighter IV in 2008. However, it took six years to receive the definitive version of that title: Ultra Street Fighter IV.

Widely recognized as one of the best fighting games of all time, Ultra Street Fighter IV took the base game to another level, with unsurpassed balance, leaving behind the traps of PC players and five new characters.

On the other hand, the balance of the mechanics of SF III, like the EX moves, plus the new Ultras made the game shine. But Focus attacks and two frame links gave the game the complexity to be able to move on the professional circuits.

During years, Marvel vs. Capcom 2 ran the show for fighting game competitions, but with the release of SF IV everything changed and the leader of this genre returned to claim his place.

This game narrowly misses the top spot in our Top 3, but probably for more “modern” gamers this is the best of the entire series.

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike (1999)

There was a bewildering number of editions and variants of Street Fighter II, as well as the excellent spin-off series called Alpha. So when the “true” sequel to that game was released (Street FighterIII, in 1997), everyone was expecting something special, and luckily, Capcom didn’t disappoint fans.

3rd Strikethe third evolution of Street Fighter IIIcame at a time when 2D games in general were considered somewhat old-fashioned and outdated, but is now widely regarded as one of the best fighting games of all time and the best game in the series.

3rd Strike It was also responsible for what has been described as the most iconic moment in competitive gaming history: the daigo parry or Evo Moment #37, which occurred at the 2004 Evo Championship. This is credited with reviving the fighting game scene at the time.

More than twenty years after its launch, Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike it remains second to none in terms of sprite art, balance, and overall mechanics in a game. A towering and remarkable achievement from Capcom that continues to impress today.

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