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The best swimming goggles to enjoy this summer

Although some daring do open their eyes in the sea or the pool, the reality is that when we dive we see practically nothing under water. For this reason, one of the most common accessories that are usually seen in these environments are the swimming goggles.

The classic swimming goggles are the comfortable alternative to diving goggles: the typical ones that, in addition to the lenses and the tape to hold from the neck, have a space to put the nose. These can be somewhat uncomfortable for many people, since they are not used to bathing with them.

Swimming goggles, on the other hand, only have two lenses with a waterproof cover and usually work like a suction cup that fits each eye. In ConsumptionClaro, we recommend the best swimming goggles to enjoy this summer.

VETOKY swimming goggles

These swimming goggles are the classic ones with blue anti-fog lenses that make life under water much easier. With UV protection, these glasses have a waterproof cover made of polycarbonate that ensures a good performance during our days in the pool.

VETOKY swimming goggles for €12.99

Arena The One glasses

What more classic than the typical black pool goggles. Glasses made without PVC on the straps and 50% polycarbonate on the lenses, it is a universal fit model with anti-fog film. In addition, according to the manufacturer, it is suitable for both open water and swimming pools.

Arena The One glasses for €13.95

Bezzee Pro

Professional cut swimming goggles for the most experienced swimmers. With UV protection and anti-fog film, this model has a case to store them and a button on the back both to adjust them more easily or to take them off more easily. In addition, the bridge of the nose has a silicone finish that, according to the manufacturer, is especially soft.

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