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The best texture packs for Minecraft | Digital Trends Spanish

The texture packs for Minecraft —Or as they are known under their official denomination: resource packages— they do not really alter the operation of the game; actually its purpose is aesthetic. They exist to bring a different atmosphere and put a new spin on exploration.

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Before we get into any of the craziest texture packs out there, why not take a look at one that claims to be as true to what was proposed in the original game? After all, this is one of the most popular packages out there. While you may not notice any difference between this package and the Minecraft Traditional at first glance, it actually doubles the resolution of the base game textures. This makes it a perfect option if, since the game’s launch, about 10 years ago, you’ve updated your computer and monitor and just want the game to stay up-to-date visually without changing anything.

Download Faithful here

Bare Bones

The best texture packs for Minecraft

At the opposite end of the spectrum, if you prefer that Minecraft looks more like what a game of Atari in 3D, the Bare Bones pack is a delightful experience. All colors and textures are bright, clear and simple. In most games that would be a negative, but when combined with the basic design of Minecraft, it just feels good. Retro fans should definitely check out this one.

Download Bare Bones here

Retro NES

The best texture packs for Minecraft

If the Atari is too old for you, but you have memories of the Super Mario Bros. and Castlevania originals, then the Retro NES pack will make you smile instantly. This is one of the more massive texture transforms, but it is faithful. Sure, the edges can be a little uneven and the textures a little crunchy, but that makes everything feel more perfect. If you want to recreate your favorite levels from any classic NES game, or better yet, create new ones, this pack is sure to give that perfect old-school look to your scenarios in Minecraft.

Download Retro NES here


The best texture packs for Minecraft

The Mythic Pack is where things start to get fancy. This pack will add a slightly darker hue to most objects, along with more details on textures like sand, wood, and cobblestones. It lends itself well to more rustic architecture such as stone houses, castles and wooden farms. It’s not that big of a change for the game, but it does have a distinctive feel.

Download Mythic here

John Smith Legacy

The best texture packs for Minecraft

If you want to go to a fantasy world completely, this package and the next one, will be the thing for you. What this pack really sells is how the weapons have been modified to look like something out of a medieval movie, only, you know, a lot more pixelated. However, this pack is a bit more versatile than the Mythic. It’s also great for pretty much all kinds of creations outside of fantasy, like pirate-themed creations or even deep jungles.

Download John Smith Legacy here


The best texture packs for Minecraft

Dokucraft started out as a solid choice for fans of fantasy RPGs of yesteryear, but it has expanded into something much more than that. You can get the default Dokucraft pack for a clean feel with a wizard and knight flair in your world, but there are also the Dokucraft High and Dwarven packs to experiment with. The sky at Dokucraft High in particular is incredibly impressive, while Dwarven really brings a warm and deep feel to lighting in underground areas.

Download Dokucraft here

Default Photo Realism

The best texture packs for Minecraft

There are quite a few texture packs that try to carry Minecraft as close to photographic realism as possible, but many feel like they sacrifice too much in the process. This pack is a great balance to keeping the game instantly readable, but also a clear cut superior to the default texture pack. The big change this pack brings is simply the addition of realistic and dynamic shadows cast by each block and creature. That alone does a lot to give the world depth and credibility.

Download Default Photo Realism here


The best texture packs for Minecraft

If you want to reach the limit of what the textures of Minecraft, Realistico is here to push those limits. The pack stays true to the game’s blocky design, but includes as much texture work, lighting details, shadows, and more as possible. Simple scenes, like a wooden table under a luminous stone at night or a lake at dawn, make for beautiful postcards you never thought you would see in Minecraft. It really is something that has to be seen to be believed. Just getting close to some bricks, wood, or even grass can make you think that the game is not just a bunch of stacked squares.

Download Realistic here

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