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The best travel adapters to charge your devices | Digital Trends Spanish

Regardless of whether you are a digital nomad who works on his laptop from a beach abroad, or a prominent businessman who constantly travels, you are going to need an adapter for your computer. Best Travel Adapters allow your electronic devices to be plugged into a plug from another country; keep reading because next we will present you the best ones.

Before starting, we recommend that you review this international adapter guide so you know what type you need according to your destiny.

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The best travel adapters to charge your devices

Xcentz Universal Power Adapter

Of all the travel adapters on our list, this is our favorite, especially since it offers real versatility and some practical features in a compact package. If you are traveling in a multitude of countries, this adapter could meet all your needs. Covers 200 countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, Canada, and Japan.

To switch between plug types, press and slide one of three buttons, each of which locks firmly in place, or you can pull out the compact section of the European plug. Connect your gadget to the other side and everything is ready.

The adapter Xcentz It also includes three USB-A ports that support Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, and one USB-C port that supports Power Delivery up to 18W, so you can charge multiple devices at once.

The smartest smart feature is the adapter’s self-resetting fuse. Usually when the fuse in your travel adapter blows, you need to replace it. This one will trip and lock out the overload, and you can just press the button on the side to reset it, so you can use it again without any problem. The universal charger is rated at 10A and supports up to 2,300W, while the EU pop-up plug is 16A and goes up to 3,680W.


Fuse Chicken Universal

This smart device includes all types of charging functions. There is a slide-in plug section and it comes with plug accessories for the US, Europe, and Australia. It has USB-C and USB-A ports and can charge up to 18W. The USB-C port supports Power Delivery and the USB-A port supports the standard Quick Charge 3.0 from Qualcomm.

But that’s not all, as it also packs a 6,700 mAh battery inside for on-the-go recharging and doubles as a Qi wireless charger. It is the perfect travel adapter to keep your smartphones and tablets charged.


Epicka Universal Travel Adapter One

If you are looking for a useful and versatile travel adapter, Epicka is a great option, covering more than 150 countries with US, EU, AU and UK plugs. It features smart fast charging with four USB ports, one USB Type-C, and an AC power plug with the ability to charge six high-speed devices simultaneously.

Its power reaches a maximum of 880W at 110Vac and 1840W at 230Vac. It is compatible with various generations of USB devices from Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and more. The device’s double 8A overload fuse, safety shutters, and plug locking system ensure safety. It is worth noting that the unit does not convert electrical output current and voltage.


Zendure Passport GO Travel Adapter

The Passport GO has four slide tabs that show the different inputs and a USB-C port across three USB-A ports. Thanks to GAN technology, that USB-C port can produce up to 30W. If you are traveling in different countries, this could cover all your needs. This adapter can be used in 200 countries and regions, including the US, UK, Europe, Australia, Canada, and Japan. It’s easy to use, as you press and slide one of the four buttons to select the type of connection.

Although the USB-C Power Delivery port can generate up to 30W, that limit is shared with the three USB-A ports. There is an AC outlet for larger devices and you can charge up to five devices at the same time. The Zendure Travel Adapter has a self-resetting fuse so it will trip to prevent an overload from damaging your devices and then it will reset itself and be ready to go again.


Saunorch International Travel Adapter

The Saunorch Travel Adapter works perfectly for US, Australian, UK and European Union plugs, thus covering a total of 150 countries. With this adapter, you can plug in a device on the top, and it also has four USB ports on the side, to charge additional devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Each USB port can output a maximum of 2.4A, but the total output is 3.4A, which means that if you connect four devices simultaneously, the charging speed will be slower. It also has a built-in 6.3 amp fuse. As it was not enough, when you buy the adapter you will receive a replacement in case it trips and you also have the possibility of opening the fuse cover with a coin, if you need to change it.

This adapter is available in black or blue, but there is a difference between the two, beyond the color and that is that the black version has three USB ports and one USB-C port and costs $ 3 more. This USB-C port outputs up to 15W / 3A, so you can quickly charge smartphones and tablets. The Saunorch is compact, and very easy to transport in your bag.


Bestek Universal Worldwide Travel Adapter Set

If you regularly only travel outside the country once a year and to a single destination, without inventing so much, and the truth is that you do not have time to review the variety of adapters that exist in the market, then this set of Bestek it could be your best option. With this game you can get eight different power adapters, covering a wide range of hundreds of countries, including the United Kingdom, Europe, India, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan and Israel.

However, it is important that you keep in mind that you will not find any luxury in this device, since they are simple power adapters that have a single plug and nothing else. However, they are quite solid and should form a strong connection when plugged into most electrical outlets.

But to be honest, because of the usefulness it has, it seems to us that its price is too expensive.


Mu international portable charger

Our last option on this list is a charging solution for those devices that have become part of our being, smartphones and tablets. The center section of this adapter has one or two USB ports, where you can charge your smart devices. The other end features a slip-on connection, where you can fit plugs for outlets in the US, Europe, and the UK.

Of all the options it has, we find that its option for the European plug is quite useful since it has a folding section at the top, which will allow you to find the correct angle for the outlet at hand.

It is currently available in black or white. The black version has two USB ports, in which you can charge a couple of phones simultaneously, while the white version has only one. Both versions are thin, light and compact, so they hardly take up space in your luggage.


Evo Global Travel Adapter

This compact travel adapter weighs just 50 grams and fits easily in your pocket. Covers more than 150 countries and regions, including the US, Europe, the UK, and Australia. The design is very clever as you just have to push a button out to use in the European Union or use the tips to make it work in the US Also, if you need it to work in Australia, just turn the tips that work in USA

It also features a removable, slide-out leg that can be placed on top next to the EU tips, to make it work for the UK. The downside is that it only has two USB-A ports offering 2.1A each for a maximum simultaneous 2.4A or 12W output, which means it can only charge phones and tablets.

Although it is not one of the fastest chargers, and the UK configuration is a bit cumbersome to put together, it is practical and works quite well. We used it to charge a Galaxy S10 and it worked as expected, although it didn’t charge quickly. We’re not sure how well it will last with repeated use, but the Evo is one of the most compact adapters you can find, and it’s inexpensive too.


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