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The best tricks for your Motorola Edge 20 Pro | Digital Trends Spanish

The Motorola Edge 20 Pro it forgot the “curves” of its predecessor, but instead includes a display with a 144 Hz refresh rate, 30-watt fast charge and more advanced optics. After analyzing it completely, now it’s time to tell some of the best tricks for this smartphone, in order that you get the most out of it.

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Tricks for your Motorola Edge 20 Pro

Update frequency

One of the first things you need to set to fully enjoy the Edge 20 Pro’s screen is to set the maximum refresh rate, which is 144 Hz (which means that the display it “refreshes” 144 times in a second).

Go to Setting, then, inside the section Screen, click on Advanced Options. Once all are displayed, opt for Screen refresh rate. In the new window, if it is the case, choose 144 Hz.

You should consider the following warning from Motorola: “A higher screen refresh rate gives a smoother picture, but consumes more battery. If Battery Saver is enabled, a 60Hz refresh rate will be used. ”

GIF in a jiffy

Tricks Motorola Edge 20 Pro

Do you have a funny clip on your phone, but just want to share a brief moment of it? The best thing is that you transform it into a GIF with the intention that you can send it more easily.

Display the notifications and quick settings panel, where there is an icon called GIF maker. Clicking on it shows a recording box, which you can move and adjust without any problem. Click on the button that allows recording to start generating the file of up to 15 seconds. A new window is displayed when it is ready; you have the alternative to share it from here.

Favorite apps at hand

Tricks Motorola Edge 20 Pro

Have the apps and favorite tools is priceless. Therefore, the Edge 20 Pro makes it easy to access a series of shortcuts with the idea of ​​quickly executing your favorite developments. All you have to do is press the power button twice when the screen is unlocked.

In case the function is not enabled, go to the application Motorcycle, click on the main menu, which is displayed by clicking on the three horizontal bars in the upper left part of the screen, and choose the section of Gestures; what follows is to activate the option Touch control.

Once the shortcuts are displayed, notice that a configuration icon is displayed, which allows you to change the apps and tools to be displayed (you can even establish contacts).

Interactive screen

Tricks Motorola Edge 20 Pro

The promise with this feature is simple: interact with notifications, mainly, while the screen is off. For example, when you receive a WhatsApp message and press for a few seconds on the notification shown in the display, the options are displayed: Quick reply, Mark as read and Discard. Drag your finger to the one that suits you best to enable it.

In case the function is not activated, you must run the app Moto, display the main menu (the three horizontal lines in the upper left part) and choose Screen. Activate the option Interactive screen in the new window.

Quick actions in apps

Tricks Motorola Edge 20 Pro

What should you do to publish content on Instagram? Yes, open the app, run the camera and select the mode that interests you. You can shorten the steps.

To display a series of shortcuts in the applications you have on your Edge 20 Pro, press for a moment the icon of the one that interests you. In the case of Instagram, the shortcuts to Camera, New publication, View activity and Direct are shown. Most of the developments show “fast doors” that can save you a few steps.

Screenshot with simple taps

Tricks Motorola Edge 20 Pro

The Motorola cell phone allows you to perform a screenshot when placing three fingers simultaneously on the display. Sure, you can also do it by pressing the volume down and power buttons at the same time.

If you want to enable the first one, go to the section of Screen within Setting; open the tab Advanced Options and choose the section of Capture with three fingers. Finally, in the new window, activate the button that appears at the top.

Edge 20 Pro as a webcam

Tricks Motorola Edge 20 Pro

One of the attractions of the multiple modes of Ready For —which allows some Motorola cell phones to be used as a computer, media player or video game console— is the ability to use the Edge 20 Pro as a webcam.

Once you connect the cable smartphone to a computer, go to the notification and quick settings panel and press the Ready for. In the section Pc, in section Use your phone as a webcam, choose USB Preferences. Finally, in Use USB to, choose the option of Webcam. The interesting thing is that, in a app For video calls, for example, you can switch between the front and rear optics, as well as track your face.

Using more gestures

Tricks Motorola Edge 20 Pro

Activating the camera or turning on the flashlight with simple gestures is already part of the essence of Motorola phones, actions that can also be carried out on the Edge 20 Pro, of course.

But there are more useful gestures that you could use, from picking up the phone and looking at the screen to unlock it to turning the phone with the intention of enabling Do Not Disturb mode. To select the most convenient, open the app Motorcycle, display the main menu (three horizontal bars) and choose the option to Gestures. Right here deactivate the ones you don’t use.

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