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The best tricks for your Samsung Galaxy A72 | Digital Trends Spanish

Some of the specifications that like this Samsung cell phone are its autonomy, large-format screen and quality, and various customization options. Therefore, it is time to review some of the best tricks for the Galaxy A72, from those related to your display even the one that allows you to hide applications.

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Tricks for your Samsung Galaxy A72


There are many people who value the fact of having the radio function in their phone. To enable it from the Galaxy A72 it is necessary to go to the Samsung applications folder, which can be in the drawer of apps (It is activated by making a quick drag gesture, from bottom to top, in a free area of ​​the main screen). Once selected, the next step is to connect a wired headset to the Jack 3.5 mm from the cell phone – the cable of these will serve as an antenna – and wait for the stations to be detected.

Among the Radio options, as the app, are to make audio recordings of a program and listen to the stations from the speaker of the smartphone (yes, the headphones should always be connected).

Update frequency

Galaxy A72

If you want your Galaxy A72 to offer you better fluidity in animations and scrolling through the different screens, it is best to set a screen refresh rate of 90 Hz.

Locate and select the section of Screen on Settings; once here, click on Fluidity of movement. In the new window, choose the option high (consider that this may affect battery performance).

Edge panel

Galaxy A72

On the right side of the screen, at the level of the volume buttons, a virtual bar is displayed that, when you slide it to the left, displays various shortcuts, from applications to contacts.

To configure them, locate and choose the section of Screen on Settings; In the new interface, locate and click on the section of Edge panels. Enable this option, if applicable, and then choose Panels. What follows is to mark the alternatives that you want to be displayed each time you slide the bar, such as contacts, tasks, weather, tools, reminder or clipboard.

Buttons or gestures?

Galaxy A72

Some prefer traditional virtual button navigation, while others are already used to gestures. The good news is that the Galaxy A72 lets you choose the mode that you like best.

You should go to the section Navigation bar on Screen, within Settings. Once here, the next step is to choose the option that best suits you: Buttons or Swipe gestures.

Hidden apps

Galaxy A72

Maybe at some point you need to hide apps, like when you lend your phone to a little one. The Galaxy A72 allows you to choose which applications you want that are not visible on the home screen or in the application drawer. Go to the section Starting screen on Settings; choose Hide apps among all the options that are displayed; What follows is to select the developments that you do not want to be visible and click on Carry out.

You have to uncheck them from the section of Hide apps so that they are visible again.

Always-on display

Galaxy A72

It is possible to see the clock and notifications when the phone screen is touched, when it is not active, thanks to the Always On Display function of the smartphones Galaxy.

To activate or deactivate it, as the case may be, it is necessary to go to Lock screen on Settings and click on Always On Display. Here you can also choose parameters such as the style of the clock and if you want the information of the music that is played to also be displayed.

Short notifications

Galaxy A72

You don’t need to scroll to the top bar and swipe from here to see your notifications. There is a faster way: in any free space on the home screen, swipe down briefly to display the latest emails you have received or the information of the song that is being played, for example.

The good news is that this trick works practically on all mobiles with the Android operating system.

Screen recording

Galaxy A72

The Galaxy A72 incorporates the option to record the screen, ideal for when you want to explain a particular process to your contacts. Choose this tool from the icons on the status bar.

Before starting, you will be asked if you want the clip to be recorded with audio or without sound. Already in the process it is possible to make annotations with the pencil shown. The recording can be accessed from the status bar upon completion.

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