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This list of the best used cars was born taking into account the reliability of different brands and their true market value. Don’t worry about high mileage; These vehicles cost less than $ 15,000 according to Edmunds True Market Value and have less than 50,000 miles. Building on this, we looked at the reliability ratings from Consumer Reports to see how these models perform in everyday use. Finally, we consider factors such as safety, performance, practicality, and style to see which ones are really worth buying. Here is a list of the best used cars that you can buy at an affordable price.

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The best used cars you can buy if you have a low budget

Mazda 3 2016

The best

Why should you buy it? Because it covers all items, and some more.

For whom it is? For anyone looking for a fun and practical car.

How much? Approximately $ 12,000 dollars.

Why did we choose the 2016 Mazda 3? The compact Mazda 3 is a practical vehicle and a sensible buy for a used car, but it will also add a bit of fun to your life. Because even if you have more budget, you should not settle for something that you are not going to enjoy.

The latest generation Mazda3 received generally high reliability ratings from Consumer Reports when new, along with very good crash test scores from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS, for its acronym in English). Available as a sedan or hatchbackIt is quite spacious inside, but still small enough to park without a problem.

Besides being reliable, safe and practical, the Mazda 3 is also one of the best sedans you can drive. While not a “performance machine,” it is considerably sportier than most other compacts, with a well-tuned chassis and a willing engine from Mazda’s SkyActiv line. It also has a stylish touch, thanks to its streamlined headlights and flowing lines.

The Mazda 3 is proof that conventional cars don’t have to be boring. An excellent buy.

Subaru Forester 2014

Best used SUV

Why should you buy it? Because it is robust, reliable and comes standard with all-wheel drive.

For whom it is? For those who enjoy off the asphalt.

How much? About $ 13, ooo dollars.

Why we picked the 2014 Subaru Forester? The market is now awash with car-based compact crossovers, but the Subaru Forester was one of the first. Subaru’s experience in this category – and with all-wheel drive vehicles in general – is evident in the 2014 Forester. It’s a relatively simple utility car, and it stands up to heavy use very well.

The Forester is also very pleasant to drive. Subaru boxer engines sit slightly lower on the chassis than conventional engines, helping to lower the center of gravity. This generation of Forester was also available with a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that produced 250 horsepower, although some of these models could be over our $ 15,000 budget. It’s definitely worth keeping an eye out though, because the base models… Well, they’re not that fun.

Subaru has a well-earned reputation for reliability, and the 2014 Forester also performed well in IIHS crash tests. Unlike other crossovers touted as “lifestyle” vehicles (or fake ATVs, let’s say), the Forester is an unpretentious option that simply does what it was designed to do: transport people and their gear across any road. type of weather.

Toyota Prius 2014

Best Fuel Efficiency Used

Why should you buy it? It is the best hybrid, be it new or used.

For whom it is? People who are eco-friendly, but also budget conscious.

How much? Approximately $ 12,000 dollars.

Why did we pick the 2014 Toyota Prius? The most prolific hybrid of all time is also among the best used car buys in the category. The Toyota Prius combines impressive fuel economy (2014 models were rated at 48 mpg combined) with typical Toyota build quality and reliability. The large number of models sold creates a fairly large second-hand market, which translates into good deals.

The 2014 Prius was one of the cheapest cars available when new, but it never sacrificed practicality for that efficiency. Its five-door hatchback body offers plenty of room for passengers and cargo, making it a real car and not a scientific experiment, as some previous hybrids were. The only unusual thing is its exterior design, which is certainly not for everyone.

Hybrid powertrain components have proven to be as durable as any other part of the car, although replacement battery packs can be expensive. However, the Prius is still a Toyota, a badge that often goes hand in hand with reliability. If you’re still unsure, consider that countless Prius taxis have racked up millions of miles all around the globe

Nissan 370Z 2010

The best used high performance

Why should you buy it? Because it’s one of Nissan’s legendary “Z” cars at an affordable price.

For whom it is? For people who savor the thrill of driving.

How much? Approximately $ 13,000 dollars.

Why We Picked the 2010 Nissan 370Z The original Datsun 240Z helped revive the affordable sports car category in the 1970s, and its descendant in the early 2000s, the Nissan 350Z, continued that mission. It was replaced by the 370Z, which offered impressive performance at a relatively mainstream price when new. That positioning makes it a great used car buy for motorists with a need for speed.

Most entry-level sports cars trade power for simplicity and affordability, but that’s not the case with the 370Z. It comes standard with a 3.7-liter V6 rated at 332 horsepower. Additionally, the chassis design placed the engine behind the front wheels for better weight distribution. All that mechanical goodness is wrapped up in styling that made the 370Z look like a concept car once, and it still looks modern to this day.

The unusually long production means that there must be quite a number of them to choose from. The V6 versions of the 370Z were used in a variety of Nissan and Infiniti models, so it’s not an exotic item that breaks down easily. As with all used performance cars, beware of modifications and abuse from former owners.

BMW 328i 2011

Best used luxury car

Why should you buy it? Because it is luxurious and sporty. What more could you want?

For whom it is? People who want to have it all, even with little money to spend.

How much? Approximately $ 10,000.

Why we picked the 2011 BMW 328i? The BMW 3 Series always gets a ridiculous amount of praise from the trade press, but it’s not an exaggeration. Over the past three decades, BMW has simply created a better small luxury sedan than its competitors – plain and simple. And the 2011 328i was one of the times BMW was definitely in its prime.

While the angular styling hasn’t aged very well, the 328i has everything a driver could want, including rear-wheel drive, a manual transmission, and a very special engine. Back in 2011, the 328i still used naturally aspirated inline six engines, rather than the turbocharged four found in later models. This smooth running engine gives the model a completely unique character.

An important benefit of the 3 Series, whether new or used, is that it is a smooth, high-end car that is a lot of fun to drive. You can find it in both the four-door sedan and body styles station wagon, and being a BMW, it presents a well-equipped interior with many toys.

2012 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab

The best used truck

Why should you buy it? Stays well both on and off the road.

For whom it is? Adventurous souls with something to tow.

How much? Approximately $ 15,000 dollars.

Why we picked the 2010 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab? The Nissan Frontier is the kind of tough, no-nonsense truck that will do anything you ask of it. Nissan designed it for work and play, so it feels right at home on a construction site or towing your boat. And while he’s definitely looking his age, consider this: Nissan still makes them. You can buy a new one and – trust us – it won’t look much different than a seven-year-old model.

The Frontier is relatively comfortable on the road, and the Crew Cab’s four-door cab offers more than enough room for you and four friends. Mind you: don’t expect to find services like adaptive cruise control or a digital instrument cluster inside. The 2010 Frontier is limited to basic equipment like air conditioning, a CD player, and steering wheel-mounted radio controls.

Most Frontier trucks made in 2010 came with a 4.0-liter V6 that provides enough power, depending on what you demand of it. Powertrain options include rear and four wheel drive, as well as a manual or automatic transmission. Fuel economy isn’t its strong suit, but even today’s trucks aren’t overly economical on that score, either.

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