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The best virtual backgrounds in Zoom | Digital Trends Spanish

Why enter your videoconferences from your boring home, when you can do it from the set from your favorite show, some exotic place in the world or Andy’s room, from Toy story? One of everyone’s favorite features in Zoom is the option to use an alternate background; Take a look at our list of the best virtual backgrounds on Zoom and be the soul of your meeting.

Note– If your camera is set to a 16: 9 aspect ratio, a 1,280 x 720 or 1,920 x 1,080 pixel image works fine. For video, you need an MP4 or MOV video file with a minimum resolution of 480 x 360 pixels (360p) and a maximum resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels (1080p).

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No matter how hard you try, your living room will never look like Modsy’s updated redesign with Friends, Sex and the city, Frasier, Will & Grace or Golden girls. However, that shouldn’t stop you from using those public-private spaces in your Zoom conference.

Modsy is the web-based interior design service that offers numerous popular house sets for your Zoom video calls. Just one warning: these backgrounds have the Modsy watermark in their bottom corners, which will show up in your video.

You may want to redecorate your home in style, or maybe you just want to tidy up the living room before a meeting, but West Elm’s conference backgrounds will make you look your best.

The company has compiled images of your favorite royal houses with its own modern furnishings and decor, including the puppy. Just scroll down and download the photo you want (you don’t have to tell anyone that this is not your living room or your pool).

Working at home can feel like you’re in a galaxy far, far away, however, with videoconferencing themed backgrounds of Star wars the force can really be with you. Now, you can broadcast from the Millennium Falcon cockpit or from many other locations.

Choose from Hoth of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, the ruins of the Star of death and many more selections. These backgrounds also have watermarks on their corners, but they are much less noticeable than those seen on Modsy backgrounds.

Archival video site Storyblocks has unveiled a new collection of video conferencing backgrounds with hundreds of high-quality motion-focused images in MP4 format.

Choose from landscapes like the Arches National Park to iconic landmarks like the Pantheon in Rome. Storyblocks offers a large number of funds to download for free, with no subscription required.

Just click the yellow button Download funds and you will get a compressed folder with all the files in this collection. Do not click on the video previews for each background, otherwise you will be prompted to sign up for a subscription to download that particular background.

Now you can join the fun and famous Pixar universe, to the joy of your children and grandchildren. Disney offers backgrounds of its best Pixar movies in a high resolution format that is easy to install.

You can select scenes from Ratatouille, toy Story 3, Cars 3 and even the secret sea depths of Finding Nemo. Remember to test these funds when visiting the smallest members of your family on Zoom.

Note that these backgrounds will have watermarks in the bottom corners but, like the Star Wars backgrounds, they are quite inconspicuous.

You can find a wide variety of Zoom backgrounds for different applications with Canva. Their templates include photos, animated images, and illustrations. Teachers will be delighted with the multiple options for distance learning, plus a wide variety for each and every occasion.

Don’t worry if you’re not a Canva member as you can sign up for free with Google or Facebook. Remember that you do not need an account on the platform to install these funds on your device.

If you just need a background and aren’t interested in editing or saving it to a Canva account, simply select your preferred background thumbnail (unless it’s a premium Canva Pro template) and then choose Use this template on the next screen. Choose Download and the preferred image format, and click Download one last time.

You’ll find a veritable treasure chest of free images with Unsplash, which you can use with several different apps, including Zoom. There are options to suit the tone of your gathering and your style. With selections for both indoor and outdoor, you’re sure to discover something appropriate.

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