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The best voice translators on the market

How do you say “good morning” in Thai? After two years marked by the pandemic, many of us want to get on a plane and travel outside the borders of our country to exotic beaches and white deserts of distant nations, especially now that summer seems closer. However, we always find a stubborn drawback: the language.

If we are not experts in learning new languages, this may be a handicap for us. Although the usual solution is to try to understand you in English or through gestures, there are some devices that can be of great help: voice translators.

Voice translators are small devices capable of translating a wide variety of languages ​​in real time. Although they are unusual devices to see, they are becoming more and more useful in a globalized world in which minority languages ​​are becoming more present.

In addition, the voice translator can be a great ally in some work meetings where, for whatever reason, our interlocutor does not speak our language and we do not know theirs. We can even use the help voice translator to learn certain languages ​​that are not usually taught in schools.

Next, we propose three models of voice translator.

Langogo 2 in 1

The Langogo is one of the most popular voice translators. It is a fast translation device that has 104 languages. At the same time, it has a voice recorder and text transcription in real time that, in addition, can be edited in case we want to transfer it to our mobile or save it on a computer. Regarding connectivity, this voice translator can use both WiFi and SIM card.

Langogo 2 in 1 for €249.99

Basque Mini Translator

With a design similar to the old MP3 players, the voice translator from Vasco Electronics is another of the options that we find on the market. It is a device that translates up to 50 languages ​​simultaneously and, unlike the previous one, it has a built-in SIM card, so it can be used anywhere without any problem.

Basque mini translator for €311

SeiyaX voice translator

But the previous models are really expensive voice translators and, for what we are going to use them for, it may be too high an investment. A much cheaper and, above all, more versatile alternative is this SeiyaX translator.

It is a voice translator that is used with the mobile (both iOS and Android) and has 120 registered languages, in addition to being compatible, according to the manufacturer, “with third-party applications”. Also, it is the smallest of the three.

SeiyaX voice translator for €79

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