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Bored? Alexa helps you. Ask Amazon’s voice assistant anything you can think of, whatever comes to mind, no matter how crazy it sounds. After all, the point is to have fun! Do you want inspiration? Take a look at our list of best weird questions for alexa.

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These are the best weird questions for Alexa


If you’re one of those people who gets a giggle from a body sound or if you just want to annoy your cat, Alexa has what you need. Some noises you can try are:

  • “Alexa, can you fart?” Yes, yes you can.
  • “Alexa, can you burp?” Her answer will make you laugh.
  • “Alexa: bark.” She will bark, but if you tell her to bark more times things will get out of hand and she will start rapping dog noises. We do not recommend it.
  • “Alexa, throw up.” She will answer you with an occurrence.
  • “Alexa, meow.” It will make some meows that will drive your cats crazy, who will try to find the miniature cat that lives inside your Amazon Echo Dot.
  • “Alexa, can you cough?” Her answer will not be very serious.
  • “Alexa, can you cluck like a chicken?” Alexa will cluck and then she will tell you a chicken joke.
  • “Alexa, can you cry like a baby?” She does, she cries, but later she cheers up on her own.

Personal questions

Alexa is not a “lady” at all, so it’s absolutely okay if you ask her personal questions. Try these:

  • “Alexa, how much do you weigh?”
  • “Alexa, are you pretty?”
  • “Alexa, who is your best friend?”
  • “Alexa, do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?”
  • “Alexa, where do you live?”
  • “Alexa, what is your favorite color?”
  • “Alexa, how old are you?”
  • “Alexa, who is the voice of Alexa?”
  • “Alexa, are you weird?”
  • “Alexa, how tall are you?”
  • “Alexa, do you wear diapers?”
  • “Alexa, what do you want to be when you grow up?”


It is normal for you to try to find out what kind of AI Alexa is and what she thinks of her “rivals”. These questions can help you clear up the unknowns.

  • “Alexa, do you know Cortana?”
  • “Alexa, do you know Siri?”
  • “Alexa, Mac or PC?”
  • “Alexa, which phone is the best?” This is technically a follow-up question, but it doesn’t have to be.
  • “Alexa, are you a robot?”
  • “Alexa, what are the three laws of robotics?” She actually has the updated list of four, which Asimov would be proud of.
  • “Alexa, what is the value of pi?”
  • “Alexa, are we in the Matrix?”
  • “Alexa, roll a dice.” Useful for games and bets.
  • “Alexa, is the cake a lie?” Yes, Alexa is fully aware of the prank.
  • Super Alexa Mode is also fun.

strange abilities

The list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the weird things Alexa can do. These are some of our favorites (they are not available in Spanish, try them in English):

  • flush the toilet has Alexa flush an invisible toilet.
  • When you feel down, the function flatter me will have Alexa shower you with compliments.
  • “Alexa, turn on Gordon Ramsay”. With this ability, Alexa can get Gordon Ramsay to criticize your cooking.
  • super burp will give Alexa the ability to launch a variety of unpleasant burping sounds.
  • Talk Like Snoop lets you ask Alexa to say phrases in the style of rapper Snoop Dogg.
  • cat translator ensures that it can translate your cat’s meows, but your feline must meow first and it can be difficult for him to listen to you when you ask him to.
  • With Pikachu talk you can ask questions to the most popular Pokémon character and have a conversation with this character with Alexa as the translator.
  • Chewbacca Chat does the same as Pikachu talkbut you talk to Chewbacca about starwars.
  • egg facts it only gives facts about the eggs, even more than you knew existed or ever wanted to know.
  • Make Me Smart keeps you up to date with the latest news, covering everything from pop culture to current events and the economy.
  • Wondering if you can stand one more drink? Beer Goggles is a quirky ability that will ask you a series of questions to help you determine if you can have one more drink. Clergy, it’s just an ability to entertain you, so use your judgment when deciding.


  • “Alexa, surely you can’t be serious.”
  • “Alexa, where is Chuck Norris?” The answer might shock you.
  • “Alexa, tell me a ‘yo momma’ joke.”
  • “Alexa, spell ‘ICUP.’” (She’s amazingly modest.)
  • “Alexa, do aliens exist?”
  • “Alexa, what happens if you stand on a Lego?”
  • “Alexa, do you believe in ghosts?”
  • “Alexa, do you know Bigfoot?”

Movie and TV Quotes

  • “Alexa, I want the truth.”
  • “Alexa, I am your father!”
  • “Alexa, open the capsule doors.”
  • “Alexa, define rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock.”
  • “Alexa, my name is Inigo Montoya!”
  • “Alexa, your mother was a hamster!”
  • “Alexa, what happens if you cross the beams?”
  • “Alexa, are you Skynet?”
  • “Alexa, tea. Earl Grey. Hot.”
  • “Alexa, how do you know so much about swallows?”

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