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The best wifi routers 6 to connect with more speed and security | Digital Trends Spanish

Every day Internet Service Providers (ISP) give us higher speeds and bandwidth. This progress is of little use if you do not have the right devices to take advantage of them. The first and most important thing is to have one of the best wifi 6 routers and thus be able to take advantage of the benefits of technology on your cell phone or computer.

Only laptops and cell phones that have hit store shelves since the end of 2019 will be able to access those faster speeds. In other words, if you want your network to be properly future-proofed, your best option today is still Wi-Fi 6, as it promises new speeds, fewer hassles, and better security.

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Yes, Wi-Fi 6E It was recently announced, frequencies have been assigned, and mobile devices that support it have started to appear, so now is the time to think about a serious router upgrade.

best overall

TP-LINK Archer AX10 Next-Gen Wifi 6 AX1500


A high-speed internet connection is only as good as the way it’s delivered to the devices in your home. This TP-LINK Wifi 6 router does not just distribute the signal and terminate it, but rather sends it and improves it.

Beamforming technology and four antennas significantly increase signal range, allowing a large area to receive data from this router. A 1.5 GHz triple-core processor maintains a high response rate for all connected devices.

Best of all, this dual-band router can send data at up to 1.5 Gbps, ensuring everyone gets the best possible speed.

doBecause we like it?:

  • Large coverage
  • easy to set up
  • Maximize your bandwidth

The best value for money


A person bringing his cell phone closer to a HUAWEI AX3 AX3000 router.

If you are looking for an affordable router that goes beyond its price, you need look no further than the HUAWEI Wifi 6 AX3. The signal from this device can reach speeds of up to 3,000 Mbps.

Coupled with the Gigahome quad-core processor, any device connected to this router will enjoy a seamless connection. Its signal can pass through solid obstacles to reach a wide area without quality deterioration.

A nuanced feature of this router is the security it provides. HUAWEI HomeSec secures your hardware and software from everyone around you.

doBecause we like it?:

  • NFC tap-to-connect function
  • Parental control function
  • Can serve up to 128 devices

Best for multiple devices


LINKSYS MR9600 VAR router on a black background.

When multiple devices connect to a single router, the signal and speed can drop due to bandwidth issues. But not with LINKSYS Wifi 6, as it can provide a stable connection of up to 6 Gbps for more than 40 devices.

However, many devices will not be inside a room. The good thing is that the LINKSYS MR9600 covers an area of ​​up to 260 square meters. No matter where you are in your home, you will be able to stream, play or work with this router.

Because we like it?:

  • Supports 4K and 8K streaming
  • Guest access and parental control
  • Smart mesh technology

best for gaming

ASUS RT-AX86U 5700

ASUS RT-AX86U 5700 router on a white background.

When you play online, you live or die by the stability of your internet link. That’s why ASUS has made sure that you have the smoothest connection with its Wi-Fi 6 router. The high refresh rate of 1.60MHz is combined with the ability to offer speeds of up to 5,700 Mbps.

If you play on mobile, you can say goodbye to high latency with the router’s one-touch mobile gaming mode. True 2 Gbps wired and wireless speeds ensure you won’t lose out due to slow Wi-Fi.

Access blazing-fast internet speeds, enhanced connectivity, and Wi-Fi service for all the devices in your home. No more dead zones and slowdowns; With a Wi-Fi 6 router, you’ll work and play more efficiently and productively than ever.

Business-grade security protects your data and your PCs and devices so you can focus on gaming.

Because we like it?:

  • Built for gaming
  • Easy to manage with the app
  • Long range and energy efficient

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