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The best Xbox Game Pass games for 2022 | Digital Trends Spanish

Xbox Game Pass has grown since its launch. And with the arrival of the Xbox Series X, Microsoft now offers more than 350 options. To help you choose, we have put together best xbox game pass gamesMicrosoft’s subscription platform.

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We tailor our list to Xbox titles, so we don’t include games like Age of Empires 2, which are exclusive to Game Pass for PC. However, many are available on both platforms and some even support cross-play. Most are also available to stream on mobile devices, as long as you have Game Pass Ultimate.


After sweeping awards wins in 2020, it’s no surprise Xbox gamers have been eagerly awaiting Hades It will come to consoles. However, the wait was worth it, as this game type rogue action-focused has finally arrived on Xbox and Game Pass.

If you haven’t played Hades, you’ll quickly see why it has won so much praise. The basic structure (Zagreus tries to escape Hades’s domain, go through as many rooms/bosses as he can before dying, then try again) has been streamlined by Supergiant to include fascinating characters.

Additionally, it features an RPG-like progression system, ensuring that no matter how many kills you take, Zagreus will continue to grow in power, and no attempt will ever feel lost. Players who persevere will also enjoy the increasingly complex world of Greek gods, demi-gods, and their competing affections.


Control video game scene

Remedy Entertainment, the studio behind Quantum Break Y Alan Wake, has been based on the same narrative-focused action structure that has defined the studio’s games since Max Payne. Y Control it is the perfect culmination.

It is an action game with platform and puzzle elements, all set against the background of a government conspiracy (in the style of stranger things). Control It’s not perfect, but it balances so many elements very well: action, shooting and exploration type Metroidvania.

You play as Jesse Faden moments after she arrives at The Oldest House, a drab government building that houses the Federal Bureau of Control. After a relatively somber, albeit creepy, introduction, Control begins to transform. The oldest house begins to change, emboldened by something otherworldly. From there, your job is to uncover the secrets hidden deep within The Oldest House.

Back 4 Blood

Scene from the video game Back 4 Blood.

There’s a good reason why Back 4 Blood looks familiar: it’s the brainchild of Turtle Rock Studios, who worked with Valve to create Left 4 Dead. Many elements are the same, but there is an interesting new progression system, along with a card mechanism that allows you to create a unique deck of abilities and perks for each mission.

Zombies also present more of a challenge, with more special infected threatening your progress. It’s a four-player game, so it works best with friends and rewards those who learn which cards are most important and build a deck to survive.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Scene from the video game Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order.

The list of the best Star Wars games is remarkably small, even though titles bearing the name have been around for decades. But nevertheless, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order stands out above the rest. It’s the first Star Wars title in a long time that cares about being a good game and not just being licensed. The result is that it is entertaining even for non-Star Wars fans, though it is for the latter as well.

When it comes to gameplay, Fallen Order it is like Dark Souls– Has strict sword play, fine-tuned parry and dodge mechanics. However, it is clear that the difficulty was adjusted to conventional video games. Because of that, it’s a fun game for Souls fans, but it’s also accessible for newcomers to the genre.

Marvel’s Avengers

Marvel's Avengers video game scene

This popular third-person action RPG lets you choose from your favorite avengers, including Ms. Marvel, Thor, Hulk, or Iron Man. While it may be a bit basic, the campaign benefits from its storyline that makes it an excellent Game Pass choice if you want a cinematic experience. Plus, there’s more to look forward to, including the release of new heroes, like Spider-Man. It’s also fun to bring some friends to form a superhero team.

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