Friday, September 24

The bishop of Cádiz refuses to give up an old asylum to the Government of Ceuta to take in Moroccan minors

It is closed and practically abandoned since, in 2015, the elderly moved to Gerón’s residence. The Nazaret Residence Home, owned by the Bishopric of Cádiz and Ceuta in the autonomous city, was one of the buildings that the Ceutí Government (PP) requested from the Church to house a hundred unaccompanied minors who had crossed the border of Tarajal on last May, during the last border crisis between Spain and Morocco. The response of the bishop, Rafael Zornoza, was a resounding “no.” “They gave no further explanations,” sources familiar with the process tell

The lawyers and activists who supported the Moroccan minors to stop the returns: “We fight against the clock”

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It was not the first time that a proposal of this style had been made: in 2018, on the occasion of another agglomeration in the Foreigners Internment Centers, a similar one had been made. Like now, then Zornoza also responded with a negative. “He is an ultra-conservative bishop, from the Vox orbit. His head of Foundations, Agustín Rosety, was the number 1 of the ultra-right in the last generals, and today he is a deputy “for Vox in parliament, affirm Christian sectors of the diocese, who regret that Zornoza “runs the diocese like a farmhouse.”

‘Low profile’ during the Tarajal crisis

A priest of the diocese, who prefers to hide his identity for fear of reprisals, tells that “the bishop, like a good part of his collaborators, is one of those who think that minors who jump over the fence are criminals, and should be returned “, despite the court rulings that have blocked the repatriation of these minors. The proof, adds the cleric, was the low profile decreed from the diocese during the Tarajal crisis, where although there were many volunteers from Cáritas and the Secretariat of Migration of Cádiz and Ceuta helping immigrants who entered the city, they did not leave in the media. “There was not a single breastplate from Caritas or the diocese, only those from the Red Cross were seen. There were many Catholic ‘Moons’, but they did not appear in the media,” he laments.

In August, the Migration Secretariat did criticize, through Twitter, the repatriations of minors to Morocco, demanding “the suspension of this repatriation because it violates current Spanish legislation.” But Zornoza didn’t say a word. “The bishop is not seen around here. The last time he came was in August … to accompany the Nuncio,” says this priest. On the 5th, in fact, Zornoza went together with the nuncio Bernardito Auza to the parish of Our Lady of Africa.

Given the refusal of Zornoza, and that of the Ministry of Defense (which did not make its disused barracks available), the city was forced to keep minors inside a sports center and other municipal centers, although many of the minors continue to roam around the streets and sleeping on the breakwaters or the port.

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