Monday, January 24

The bishops offer themselves to the State to “promote the opening of humanitarian corridors” in Spain

After a week marked by the fierce defense of its inaction in the face of sexual abuse, the Spanish Church has unleashed its most supportive side and, together (this time) with Pope Francis, they have made all their ‘muscle available to the State social ‘so that Spain opens the door to humanitarian corridors, as is already the case in Italy, France or Germany, among other European countries.

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“God is knocking on our doors before Christmas is approaching,” said the Episcopal Conference in a public note designed to offer “our collaboration to the State Administration to promote the establishment at all levels (municipal, regional, national) of humanitarian corridors “, a practice that, in other countries, the states manage with the help of Caritas or the community of Sant’Egidio.

The episcopal offer comes after Pope Francis, in the audience this Wednesday, and after meeting a group of refugees brought from his recent trip to Cyprus and Lesbos, has made an appeal to all European countries “to respond in solidarity and collaborate in taking charge of the relocation of so many migrants and refugees in the Mediterranean region. ”

In turn, the bishops urge public authorities to “promote new models of sustainable and legal reception, based on community sponsorship with which to offer migrants and refugees a dignified, stable and inclusive reception, according to our capacities.”

The Catholic Church, adds the EEC, “knows closely the humanitarian drama of families and migrant persons or applicants for international protection. Also of those who lose their lives in the attempt. There are many institutions, entities and people who accompany them from their arrival in our country “.

The text concludes by calling on society as a whole to “responsibly welcome those who need us with a heart that looks into the eyes of people; not ignore the fate of each migrant and refugee; influence the causes and motives that block their future in dignity, seek stable and fair solutions that promote legislation and economic means focused on orderly migration processes and specific channels of reception and hospitality that allow them to carry out their life project in Europe and in Spain “.

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