Friday, January 21

The bloodletting of mobile customers continues in the big telecos: they lose almost a million users in 2021; The ‘low cost’ do not stop growing, according to El Independiente

The weight of the large telecommunications companies in Spain in the market share of mobile telephony services continues in free fall. Telefónica, Orange and Vodafone lost almost 900,000 customers in 2021, while the companies low cost such as MásMóvil or Digi continue to increase their users in this segment, according to The newspaper El Independiente advances.

In this way, the three main companies in the sector in our country continue with the bleeding of users that they have experienced in recent years, and that during 2021 they added, for the first time in history, less than 75% of Spain’s mobile phone market share between the three.

The main beneficiary of this drain from the big telecos is MásMóvil, which has added 326,000 mobile phone customers so far this year, while the main loser has been Telefónica, whose user portfolio has been reduced by almost half a million lines, specifically 479,800 according to El Independiente. Vodafone, meanwhile, has lost 224,000 contracts and Orange 209,500.

With these figures, MásMóvil touches the podium held for years by Telefónica, Orange and Vodafone in mobile phone customers. In fact, MásMóvil is closer than ever to surpassing Vodafone in this segment, a goal that the Spanish telecom company has been pursuing for several years.

And it is that, according to the data of MásMóvil itself, in 2020 they reached 11.5 million mobile users, so this year’s increase would make them touch 12 millionwhile Vodafone had just under 13.5 million customers last year, according to Statista, and with the reduction of 2021 it would be about 13.2 million users in this segment.