Tuesday, November 30

The blue dollar posted its second consecutive rise and the gap exceeded 100%

A resolution of the National Securities Commission (CNV) established on Monday that the limit of operations in the stock exchange “counted with settlement” (CCL) must respect a technical limit (50,000 nominal dollars) beyond purchases of public securities in currency foreign that each investor has made.

The blue seemed to have found a ceiling after a strong upward climb in the weeks leading up to the elections in the face of expectations of a greater devaluation of the official after the elections, something that at the moment is not happening; but these last two wheels rehearsed a smooth recovery.

Operators told this media that after this escalation speculative behavior appeared in view of the expectation that the ruling party could move towards a doubling of the exchange rate and / or a higher rate of devaluation as of this session. However, for now the only novelty regarding exchange regulation is the reduction in the intervention of regulated financial dollars.

One of the specialists consulted by Ambit He argued that the decline came from a drop in demand since “we are at a ceiling calculated by the market and you have more to lose than to win these prices.”

Another of the operators asserted that there were several factors that influenced the decline: among them the “friendly hands” of financiers close to the Government, people who made “mash” and more cushioned “free” financial dollars.

So far in 2021 the parallel accumulates an appreciation of $ 33.50 (close to + 20%), well below the accumulated inflation of 2021, higher than 40%.


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