Sunday, November 28

The blue dollar posted the sixth consecutive weekly rise, but was cheaper than the MEP

In this frame, the gap between blue and official ended this week at 100.6%, after scoring a record in one year in the legislative preliminary.

It should be remembered that the informal had accelerated its upward trend to reach a nominal intraday record at $ 207 on November 10, which seems to have been a ceiling, at least momentarily.

During this week rises and falls alternated, with a market attentive to rumors about a change in the management of the official exchange rate by the Central Bank, something that does not appear to happen in the short term, both due to official statements and due to their effective behavior.

So far in 2021, the parallel accumulates an appreciation of $ 35.50 (21.4%), well below the accumulated inflation of the year, higher than 40%.

For now, the only novelty in exchange regulation matters is the reduction in the intervention in the prices of “regulated” financial dollars (traded with the AL30, the most liquid bond).

In this framework, a resolution of the National Securities Commission (CNV) established on Monday that the limit of operations in the stock market “counted with settlement” (CCL) must respect a technical limit (50,000 nominal dollars) beyond purchases of public securities in foreign currency made by each investor.

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