Saturday, March 2

The blue dollar rose again and reached the record of $213

financial dollars

The movement in the Buenos Aires caves coincided with another bullish day for financial dollars. In a context of generalized volatility and uncertainty in domestic markets, the “liquid counted” dollar (CCL) recorded a significant rise and became the most expensive in the market.

The CCL, operated with the AL30 -the most liquid bond in the domestic market-, jumped 5.1% ($10.45) to $216.39, a price higher than that of the blue. In this way, the gap rose to 107.6%, the maximum registered in nine days. The price evaluated with other assets (such as ADRs, Cedears or the GD30 bond) was around $214.

For its part, the MEP (via AL30) exhibited an increase of 1.5% ($2.98) to $206.58, which brought the spread with the wholesaler to 98.2%.

The acceleration of alternative exchange rates to the official occurred in a framework of doubts about the possibility that the Government and the Monetary Fund will soon reach a consensus on fiscal matters.

In the wholesale segment, the dollar administered by the Central Bank increased seven cents to $104.24. In the first three days of this week, the exchange rate advanced 40 cents, an identical rise compared to the accumulated rise on Wednesday of last week. At this rate, it is on track for its biggest monthly rise in 10 months.

The savings or solidarity dollar -which includes 30% of the Country tax, and 35% on account of the Income Tax- ended at $180.96, five cents higher compared to the previous day. In this way, I am at $31.54 of the blue.