Tuesday, November 30

The blue screen of death returns with Windows 11 | Digital Trends Spanish

Despite what was announced at the beginning, the blue screen of death will be back in Windows 11 to continue an almost ancient tradition of Windows and its catastrophic failures.

The screen of death (also known by its acronym in English BSOD) of Windows 11 would be black, according to the first tests carried out by Microsoft months ago. However, this changed: Black Screen of Death it will be replaced by a screen with a blue background, which will not have exactly the same hue as other screens of death, but which will be a reminder of the same martyrdom.

The Windows 11 update in question is 22000.346 and it comes with an extensive list of changes and bug fixes; Among other aspects, it solves the problem that some processors have that freeze when the computer is suspended, which means that the system must be completely restarted. The problem of the volume control of some Bluetooth headphones is also eliminated.

This new Windows 11 update has been available for a few days for users of the Windows program. insiders. During the next few days, the rest of the public will also be able to to enjoy of this update, the same one that eliminates the possibility of using the EdgeDeflector program to bypass the Edge browser.

Once Windows 11 is updated, the next screens of death will not only warn that the computer will have to restart due to a failure, but will also bring to memory one of the most remembered and famous icons of the entire Windows era.

And so much so that Bill Gates himself suffered it in public, in an old presentation of Windows 98 that failed to connect a printer. The Blue Screen of Death respects no one, not even its own creator.

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