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The BMW CE 04 arrives in Spain: price and availability of the electric motorcycle with more than 100 km of autonomy

the new one arrives BMW CE 04, an electric motorcycle that claims to adapt all the knowledge acquired in the development of the BMW iX, the firm’s SUV and electric range. Its main arguments: a maximum of 130 kilometers of electric autonomy and a 42 hp engine that promises those “BMW sensations”, which are now arriving in Spain.

The electric range of the firm is extended with an urban model and in motorcycle format. This scooter, with a clearly futuristic image, goes all out in design (its prototype was presented at the Villa d’Este elegance pageant 2017), enough power to move safely through traffic and the latest connected functions, to always be aware of the status of the motorcycle and even improve safety on board.

BMW CE 04 data sheet


body type

Electric motorcycle with versions for A1 and A2 license.

Measurements and weight

1,675 mm long, 1,150 mm high (including windshield) and 855 mm wide. 231kg ​​weight.


Compartment with space for the helmet and auxiliary compartment for smartphone. 179kg payload.

maximum power

31 kW (42 CV)

WMTC consumption

7,7 kWh

DGT environmental label

zero emissions

Driving aids (ADAS)

ABS, ASC and e-call emergency call


Connectivity with smartphone and integrated maps on 10.25-inch TFT screen.


Yes. Permanent magnet electric motor with powers of 11 kW (15 CV) or 15 kW (20 CV). Autonomy of 100 or 130 km, respectively.

Price and launch

12,050 euros. Spring of 2022.

A commitment to the BMW image

The BMW CE 04 breathes BMW DNA wherever you look at it. Aesthetically it is a daring motorcycle, with a very risky futuristic design, and that gives off that feeling of being ahead of its time that we already saw in the BMW i3 or i8 back in the day. From the prototype presented in 2017 to the final product there are hardly any aesthetic changes. Highlighting its visible rear wheel and its floating seat.

Beyond the image, the BMW CE 04 is an important commitment to the latest developments in mobility. We are facing an electric scooter that can move at a maximum of 120 km/h and that will be sold in two versions. The most powerful has a nominal power of 15 kW (20 hp) and delivers a maximum of 31 kW (42 hp). For this version it is necessary to have an A2 license. The entry option to the range has an engine with a nominal power of 11 kW (15 hp), although it can deliver up to 23 kW (32 hp) occasionally, and in this case it can be driven with an A1 license.

Its acceleration from 0 to 50 km / h is 2.6 and 2.7 seconds, being faster (obviously) the most powerful option. As for its autonomy, the access version reaches 100 kilometers and its range of use is extended to 130 kilometers in the superior option. It comes standard with a 2.3 kW charging cable that you need to use 4 hours and 20 minutes for a full charge. As an option, a 6.9 kW three-phase charge will be available, reducing standby time to 1 hour and 40 minutes. With this fast charger, you can reach 80% battery from 20% in just 45 minutes.

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Security and a commitment to connectivity

Those who take the controls will have at their disposal traction control through ASC (Automatic Stability Control, for its acronym in English), which manages the delivery of torque to the rear wheel based on the grip of the tire at all times. Also standard, the BMW CE 04 comes with three driving modes “ECO”, “Rain” and “Road”.

The sensations on board can be improved with the “Dynamic” mode, as an option. And safety with Dynamic Traction Control (DTC), also an option, which offers greater safety when accelerating and, especially, when the bike is leaning. Its tires are sized 120/70 R15 67H on the front axle and 160/60 R15 56H on the rear. The wheels are accompanied by a double disc brake at the front and a single disc at the rear and ABS system to improve braking. As an option, this can be extended with ABS Pro that controls cornering braking by means of an inclination sensor.

The set is rounded off by a 10.25-inch TFT screen, with an integrated map and navigation system that shows the battery or the remaining charge time. The scooter can also be paired with the smartphone and use BMW’s own communication system. It also has its own space for the mobile phone, with a USB-C port for charging on the go and refrigerated to prevent it from overheating.

Finally, its play of lights stands out. An optical group is included as standard that groups the position and crossing lights with LED technology. This system is the same as that used for the turn signals and rear lights. What’s more, a set of adaptive lights is included as an option that improve safety at night and have an even more striking light signature.

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Price and availability of the BMW CE 04

As for its price, those looking for the cheapest BMW CE 04 can opt for its starting price of 12,050 euros. In this case, the motorcycle can take advantage of the MOVES III Plan, since without VAT it is below 10,000 euros and, therefore, it can receive aid of between 1,100 and 1,300 euros. However, those who opt for larger equipment packages will cross this line and the scooter will be left out of the aid plan. From its launch it has only been confirmed that we will see it next spring.