Sunday, August 7

The BNG demands the urgent appearance of the Minister of Rural Affairs due to the wave of fires in Galicia

The BNG will demand the urgent appearance of the Regional Minister of the Rural Environment, José González, so that he can account for his department’s measures in the face of what they describe as a “serious wave of fires” in Galicia, which has already destroyed almost 5,000 hectares. “We are in conditions of extreme risk that augured this possibility,” said deputy María Albert, spokesperson for the matter of nationalist formation.

Albert has explained that they receive complaints about the precariousness with which the extinction teams face the flames. “There are brigades without half of their members, or even some with only one person,” he points out, “which threatens the safety of people and prevents fighting fires with the necessary guarantees.” In addition, he added, the fire is affecting “very sensitive areas” from an environmental point of view, as is the case of O Courel, the Serra do Invernadoiro or Pena Trevinca -the highest mountain in the community- “without there being special care despite the fact that they have suffered aggressive fires in recent years or even months.

The BNG will take its request to the Permanent Deputation of the Parliament of Galicia this Monday, July 18.

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