Friday, December 3

The BNG leaves its assembly determined to broaden its electorate: “We are not independentistas”

Ana Pontón said it in several ways in her opening speech of the XVII National Assembly of the BNG and the political documents debated and approved ratify it: the Galician Nationalist Bloc wants to expand its electorate to promote itself towards the Xunta in 2024. And in that context, the formation has sent a clear message: “We are not independentistas”.

In the assembly that they celebrate this Sunday in A Coruña, they have been discarded amendments arrived, according to Europa Press, from the regions of Vigo, Costa da Morte and Baixo Miño that requested a commitment for the “construction of the Galician Republic” and spoke of ideas like “get off the hook from Spain”. The position of the formation was expressed by one of the members of the National Executive, Rubén Cela: “The BNG is not pro-independence.” The statement is identical to the one made in 2005 by the then nationalist candidate for the Presidency of the Xunta, Anxo Quintana, in a interview with El País. It was shortly before the elections that marked a political hiatus in Galicia and gave way to four years of bipartite government of the PSdeG and the Bloc. Quintana was the vice president of that Executive.

Cela pointed out this Sunday that what the BNG defends is “sovereignty” and that the formation is “a political front and the common home of all nationalists.” At this point, the founding documents were referred to. He argued that this sovereignty can be aspired to in several ways within the organization: a state, a confederation or a federal model. But defining itself as independentists, he added, “leaves out” other forms of nationalist defense and this was “never” the path of the BNG, which has preferential alliances with formations that are independentists, such as ERC and Bildu.

The formation leaves this assembly with renewed, but continuing, executive bodies – Executive and National Council – with Ana Pontón at the helm to start her third term – she did not have to face any alternative list – and with political documents that insist in the aspiration to reach more voter spaces. They have been approved almost unanimously, with 99.5% of the votes. The nationalists have their sights set on their 19 deputies in the Galician Parliament, its historical maximum, and in the regional elections of 2024 and insist on spreading the idea that the Presidency of the Xunta is within their reach for the first time.

Ponton repeated the strategy in his opening speech at the assembly, which focused on highlighting the rise in votes and seats in the last five years and on the message for militants that efforts should be concentrated on “reaching the social majority.” and in “broadening the base”. “Since its birth, nationalism has a majority vocation. It wants to govern our country and we are in a position to achieve it,” he said.

The national spokeswoman said she was “excited” about the task ahead because she says that she perceives that “the vast majority of the BNG wants to walk to reach that social majority.” Five years ago, when she took office, they made what she called “bold decisions,” such as making a speech “clear and without ideologisms.” Now he makes his assessment in the light of his presence in Parliament to conclude that this way of communicating managed to “connect with the citizenry.” Another measure that he described as “brave” was to focus on the problems of the people and criticism of the consequences of “12 years of cuts” by the PP governments.

“We knew how to read the moment and interpret what was happening,” defended Pontón. The BNG, he added, overcame “skepticism” and those who spoke of the formation “in the past” at a time when it saw the emergence of the tides as it tried to rebuild itself after the 2012 break and its seats fell to six. Now he emphasizes that they are the second political force in Galicia. And the BNG deploys the strategy to try to reach the Presidency of the Xunta.

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