Wednesday, May 25

The Board of Prosecutors supports that Anticorruption continue to investigate Ayuso’s brother’s contract

The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office will continue to investigate the contract for which Isabel Díaz Ayuso’s brother charged a commission. The courtroom prosecutors have decided to support the criteria of Alejandro Luzón, who refuses to hand over the entire investigation to the European Public Prosecutor’s Office. This implies that Anticorruption will be able to continue investigating in Madrid but also that the European Public Prosecutor’s Office can carry out its investigations into possible embezzlement.

The European Public Prosecutor’s Office proposes that the EU Court decide who investigates Ayuso’s brother’s contract

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The request of the European Public Prosecutor’s Office He arrived a few days ago at Anticorruption. This body, independent of the European Union created last year, called on the department headed by Alejandro Luzón to take charge of the investigations for a possible crime of embezzlement of public funds related to European funds. Anticorruption refused and the Public Ministry decided to take the matter before the board of prosecutors to make a decision.

This same Monday the European Public Prosecutor’s Office issued a statement in which it defends that it should take charge of the investigation, but it also proposed an intermediate path: putting the dispute between the Spanish and continental prosecutor’s offices in the hands of the Court of Justice of the European Union in Luxembourg .

It remains to be seen what is the next move of the body headed in Spain by the prosecutor Concepción Sabadell and if it promotes this query to the CJEU as it has proposed this morning to the State Attorney General’s Office.