Sunday, December 10

The Boiro fire devastates 800 hectares and continues without control

The Cures forest fire, in Boiro (A Coruña), is still active and has already destroyed 800 hectares, according to the balance of the Xunta with data collected until eight in the morning this Saturday. Situation two remains there, a preventive measure decreed by the proximity of the flames to the Piñeiro nucleus.

The Government establishes that the fire plans cover the whole year and improve the conditions of firefighters

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Adjacent municipalities, such as those of Ribeira, where in Oleiros 700 people were evicted from the Ría de Arosa campsite, and A Pobra have been affected by the spread.

The mayor of this last town, Xosé Lois Piñeiro, has spoken on his social networks of a “worse” night after a “fatal” day for the Barbanza region due to a fire that crossed the mountain “at full speed” and it is impossible to know where was going to “stop”. “It is difficult to assimilate all this, a deep wound in our land”, he has written.

In the rest of Galicia, the Verín fire, caused by a dozen different and simultaneous sources, is still active and the number of hectares burned remains at 600. In that same province, in O Pereiro (A Mezquita) another fire is under control that devastated 150 hectares.

Already in Pontevedra, in Ponte Caldelas, a controlled fire with alert level 2 due to its proximity to the town of Canicouva has caused 20 hectares to burn

The one in Caldas de Reis, in Saiar, is still active, but with a favorable evolution, and is holding on in 450 burned hectares.

In total, the important fires reported on this day and that remain unextinguished have so far burned 2,502 hectares. The evolution of fires begins with active fires, goes to stabilized, continues to controlled and ends when they are extinguished.

Rural Environment reminds that the free telephone number 085 is available to the public, which they should call in case of detecting a forest fire.

In addition, there is an anonymous and free telephone number, 900 815 085, to report any suspected or known criminal arson activity.