Monday, July 4

The Boring Company could take a turn towards cargo tunnels | Digital Trends Spanish

Everything seems to indicate that the tunnels of the Boring Company, one of the many Elon Musk companies, are not going to be left alone in the transport of passengers. An article of Bloomberg reveals that the company is planning to create tunnels for cargo transportation.

According to data obtained by the outlet, The Boring Company is thinking of tunnels twice the diameter of those they have already been building and that would reach 21 feet (6.4 meters). In tunnels of this width, two containers would perfectly fit inside and could solve the problem of moving large cargo trucks through roads and highways.

Originally, the company’s idea was simply to create tunnels to lighten passenger traffic at peak times. This, in turn, could expand their business beyond that and have the potential to break out of the stagnation they have been in for the past few years.

(Ethan Miller / Getty Images)

Because the truth is that the initial promises of The Boring Company have not yet materialized. The company recently opened its first tunnels in Las Vegas, but its implementation is nothing more than a luxurious transportation system for the city’s convention center: underground tunnels that make up a closed circuit in which a Tesla is accommodated, with an extension of 2.7 kilometers that are traveled at 65 kilometers per hour.

Perhaps a freight tunnel system has more potential than Elon Musk’s original idea, which sought to connect two cities in record time. Of course, this idea has not yet been implemented and it does not seem that it will happen in the medium term.

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