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The brain of Salvini’s propaganda apparatus, investigated for possession of the ‘rapist’s drug’




The League is involved in a huge political and judicial scandal that puts its leader in very serious trouble, Matteo Salvini. The one who until last week was his guru, right arm and key man in communication, Luca Morisi, 47, is being investigated by the Verona prosecutor’s office for the possession and transfer of drugs (specifically Ghb, commonly known as the “rape drug”) to two Romanians known on the internet. The liquid drug Ghb, produces sedation and stunning, and is also used in consensual sex along with cocaine. After leaving Luca Morisi’s house, the police found the drug Ghb in the car of the two young Romanians. Morisi has not provided explanations. The story is unclear and is still surrounded by a certain mystery. For this reason, the prosecution’s investigation continues, to find out, for example, who gave him the drug. In the search of the house, the police found two grams of cocaine, in addition to Ghb.

Luca Morisi acquired great relevance as head of Salvini’s propaganda machine, known as ‘the Beast’, in which 35 digital experts worked, covering Salvini’s public and private life 24 hours a day, including holidays, with the aim of fundamental to exalt the leader of the League and belittle his opponents.

A propaganda battleship

For ‘the Beast’, the end justified the means, thus becoming one of the most aggressive and violent phenomena on the Italian media scene. In his messages, the preferred subjects were blacks, clandestines, immigrants … anyone, regardless of class or social sector or political party, could be ridiculed. ‘The Beast’ was a propaganda battleship from Salvini, unparalleled in the world for its effectiveness. In relation to the population, the propaganda machine ‘La Bestia’, taking into account its cost, had a greater effectiveness than that of the American president Donald Trump or that of the Brazilian Jair Bolsonaro.

The numbers of ‘La Bestia’ constituted a record: it captured for ‘el Capitano’ – as his faithful call him – almost 15% of the Italian population: on Facebook 4.6 million followers; 2.2 million on Instagram and 1.4 million on Twitter. These numbers, thanks to skillful propaganda campaigns, are a long way from Salvini’s political rivals.

The dissemination of the message of the former Minister of the Interior became capillary, reaching almost all voters, thanks to digital repeaters.

National scandal

The case of Salvini’s guru can have huge political repercussions. The police investigation began in August. Since then, Luca Morisi He tried to cover it up to avoid scandal. In view of what was coming to him, Morisi announced that he was saying goodbye to his position as chief of communication for Salvini for “family reasons” also alluding to an “existential fragility”. It was a vague formula for saying goodbye. But his goodbye aroused great surprise. Inevitably, various media emphasize that if an enemy of the League had been the protagonist of a story like that of Salvini’s former communication chief, ‘the Beast’ would have destroyed him.

By uncovering the scandal, both the leader of the League and his guru have tried to cover it up. In a note, Morisi explained: “I have not committed any crime but my personal history involves a serious fall as a man. First of all, I apologize for my weakness and my mistakes to Salvini and to the entire community of the League ». For his part, the league leader has responded on Facebook: «When a friend makes a mistake and makes a mistake that you did not expect, and Luca has hurt himself more than the others, at first you get angry with him, and in superlative form. But then you reach out to help him up. I love you, my friend, you can count on me. Always ”, concludes Salvini.

Morisi and Salvini’s attempts to avoid scandal have been unsuccessful. The case has acquired a notable national dimension. Today some episodes are remembered that reflect, in view of what happened to Luca Morisi, the hypocrisy of the League. For example, in January 2020, Salvini approached the house of an alleged Tunisian underage drug dealer in Bologna and asked him over the intercom: “Excuse me, is it true that you are trafficking drugs?” Now in social networks there are countless references to that episode, with cartoons and vignettes of this type: “Excuse me, is it true that you are trafficking drugs?” Answer: “No, I am a friend who makes a mistake.”

“Draghi president, like De Gaulle”

The scandal can hit hard for Salvini’s leadership, whose popularity is in the doldrums. His success is far behind in the 2019 European elections, when, as Minister of the Interior, he obtained 34 percent of the votes. Today the polls give him around 20% in voting intention, being surpassed by Fratelli d’Italia in some polls by a few tenths.

The municipal elections of October 3 and 4 could be decisive for Salvini’s leadership. The former Interior Minister is increasingly isolated in his party. He could even be displaced from his intention to become prime minister after the next general elections, which in principle should be called for the spring of 2023. But the number two of the League, known as the Liguista “Richelieu”, Giancarlo Giorgetti, minister of Economic Development, has made some very significant statements to the newspaper La Stampa, marking the line of the party. Giorgetti, who has maintained an excellent relationship for years with the Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, has always stood by the former president of the European Central Bank, even with decisions contrary to Salvini, such as the imposition of the digital green passport on Covid , an obligation that Matteo Salvini rejected.

Now, Gioprgetti makes a resounding statement to the Turin newspaper, launching Draghi as the father of the country to the Quirinal Palace, as the successor of Sergio Mattarella, who will say goodbye as President of the Republic in February, at the end of his seven-year term. “The interest of the country – Minister Giorgetti said – is for Draghi to go immediately to the Quirinal, for elections to be held immediately and for whoever wins them to govern. Draghi would become the new De Gaulle » […] “In January there would be a year before the elections and Draghi cannot bear a year of permanent electoral campaign.” In reality, political parties have been engaged in a permanent electoral campaign for some time.

Between the. possible candidates to succeed Sergio Mattarella even the name of the former prime minister jumped Silvio Berlusconi, released by Matteo Salvini. Clearly, it seems impossible that Berlusconi could reach the presidency of the Republic at 85 years old – he will meet them this Wednesday. Now, the number two of the League, Minister Giorgetti, reveals why Salvini launched Berlusconi’s candidacy for the presidency of the Republic: “To avoid talking about other serious things.”

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