Wednesday, March 22

The brilliant indoor cycle path that Dubai projects | Digital Trends Spanish

A few days ago we showed a spectacular bicycle parking under the sea in Amsterdama true work of engineering, and now following the line of urban cycling, the Qatari city of Dubai plans an indoor cycle path called The Loop.

It would consist of a 93 km (57 mi) long closed bicycle and pedestrian path that would offer a respite from harsh desert conditions.

The Loop was designed by local studio Urb, which is on a mission to improve Dubai’s infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians, to the point where cycling and walking become the primary mode of transport for daily commuting for the majority. of its residents.

In addition to its jogging, walking and biking areas and related facilities, the Loop would also be filled with a lot of greenery, with a large number of plants and trees. There would be multiple pocket parks, sports facilities, and urban agriculture to enhance the area’s food production.

“The Loop is planned to connect more than 3 million residents using a healthy mode of transportation, to key services and locations by walking and biking in a matter of minutes,” the Urb press release explained. “It will provide a friendly environment climate-controlled all year round, to make walking and cycling the main mode of transport for Dubai residents, in line with its new 20 minute city initiative. The goal is to make cycling and walking the main mode of transport for daily commuting for more than 80% of Dubai residents by 2040.”

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