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The British embassy leaves the data of its Afghan employees in a building controlled by the Taliban




The difficulties in evacuating Afghanistan After the arrival to power of the Taliban they do not stop happening, just four days after the troops of the United States, the United Kingdom and other NATO countries withdraw permanently from the country. This Friday, The Times newspaper has revealed that the British Foreign Office left in the embassy facilities, evacuated on August 15 and now under the control of the insurgents, documents with information and contact details of the Afghan workers who collaborated with them, including names, addresses and telephone numbers.

Precisely, among the thousands of people that the western forces have removed from the country so far are not only their nationals, but the locals who collaborated with them, and their families, who fear reprisals from the Taliban. Everything points to the fact that in the rush to leave the embassy, employees did not adhere to strict evacuation protocols, which required the destruction of all documents with information that could compromise the safety of Afghan personnel or even potential workers, since there were also resumes of those who were looking for work in those units.

Calls made by
The Times
To the phone numbers that appeared on the abandoned documents, they revealed that, although some of those on the list had already been evacuated to British territory in recent days, other members of the embassy staff had been left behind. Among them are three Afghan staff members and eight family members, including five children, who were stranded in crowds unable to access the British-controlled sector of the airport. “Please don’t leave us behind,” one of those contacted told the journalist.

It can cost many lives

The Foreign Ministry stated that during the evacuation of the embassy “every effort was made to destroy sensitive material”, and in fact, the journalist confirmed that he himself found the documents while accompanying a Taliban patrol through the neighborhood where they were they found the diplomatic delegations. This information, he said, could cost these people «freedom or life». “We are very, very afraid,” said another of the abandoned employees, who had tried last Tuesday to enter the airport with his wife and daughter, but did not succeed, as the Taliban began firing in the air and threatening the crowd. brandishing whips. «The scene was terrifying, horrible. My daughter was more scared than I can describe. But we have no choice but to try to get out again. There isn’t much time left, ”he said.

Your hopes, however, could unfortunately be in vain. This Friday, the Defense Ministry reported that the United Kingdom has entered the final stage of its evacuation operation and that no more people will be called to come to the airport, but that efforts will focus on removing the approximately 1,000 who They are already there and they have authorization to leave. “I deeply regret that not all have been evacuated during this process,” said the Minister of Defense, Ben Wallace, it’s a statement. Speaking to the local press, he explained that the threat of new terrorists increases as the operation draws to a close. So far, the UK has evacuated more than 13,700 British and Afghan nationals, representing the second-largest airlift in the country’s air force after the Berlin airlift in 1949, the ministry said.

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