Saturday, December 10

The British Home Secretary resigns and pressure increases on a cornered Liz Truss

The British Minister of the Interior, Suella Braverman, has resigned this Wednesday after taking office a month and a half ago with the coming to power of the Conservative Prime Minister, Liz Truss.

The resignation comes amid mounting pressure within the Conservative Party for Truss to leave Downing Street. The prime minister is immersed in a serious crisis after the political and economic storm unleashed by her massive tax cut, which she has been forced to reverse.

“It is clear to everyone that we live in tumultuous times,” Braverman said in his resignation letter. “I am concerned about the direction this government is taking. Not only have we broken key promises we made to our constituents, but I have serious concerns about this Administration’s commitment to delivering on program measures such as reducing migration and curbing illegal migration, especially dangerous small boat crossings.” .

Braverman openly criticized Truss’s radical change of course on tax reform, suggesting that he thought the prime minister had been the victim of a “coup”.

However, the former Minister of the Interior explains in her letter that the main reason for her resignation is a mistake she made when sending a political document to a colleague through her personal mail. “This constitutes a technical breach of the rules,” she notes.

Truss dismissed then-Economics Minister Kwasi Kwarteng last Friday, and his successor, Jeremy Hunt, was quick to annul “almost all” of the tax cuts planned by Kwarteng and Truss. Days before, the prime minister had already been forced to make two rectifications of her tax reform, one of them related to the reduction of the maximum rate on income tax and the other to a reduction in corporate tax.

The British network BBC reports that Braverman’s successor will be Grant Shapps, who was one of the main supporters of Rishi Sunak, Truss’s rival during the Conservative Party primaries. Shapps was sacked as transport minister with Truss’s rise to power.