Saturday, September 30

The brother of an 11-year-old victim of bullying: “He said he didn’t want to live anymore”

“He has come home and the first thing he has done is burst into tears and say that this life is shit, that he did not want to live anymore.” It is the cry launched on social networks by the brother of an 11-year-old boy who denounces that the student suffered a serious episode of bullying at a school in Lloseta (Mallorca) on the day he celebrated his birthday, although he assures that he has been in that school for four years. center “enduring insults, fights, spitting and more”.

The young man has decided to make the case known through his Instagram account, in which he denounces the suffering that the minor has been going through since then.

The incident took place this Wednesday at the CEIP Es Puig de Lloseta facilities, although from the center they have clarified that it occurred during an activity managed by a private company in the summer school -through a public contract with the City Council- and that the school had only ceded the spaces.

The older brother of the victim recounts in his publication, which has gone viral, that the little boy had brought a cake to school to celebrate his birthday, but his classmates, instead of singing ‘happy birthday’ to him, modified the lyrics of the song calling him “fat” and “sea”, among other insults. The facts were collected in a video that has also been released.

Continuing with the story published on networks, after the episode the boy sat alone in the patio and the group of children continued to harass him.

The young man assures that his brother “has been in that school for four years enduring insults, fights, spitting and more” and accuses the teachers of “turning a blind eye”. In addition, he regrets that such a young child says that he wants to take his own life and warns that “most suicides start with nonsense like this.”

The school is considering suing for defamation

For his part, the director of the CEIP Es Puig, Miquel Bujosa, explained to Europa Press that the center is considering filing a complaint with the Civil Guard for defamation, for having pointed out the publication to the center and having accused the teachers of not doing anything .

Also, Bujosa has lamented the facts and has stressed that it is “unthinkable” that something like this happens in a school. The center was closed for the school holidays and in fact has started to work again this Thursday, September 1.

It should be noted that the user has subsequently edited the publication to clarify that the events have occurred not in the school environment but during the summer school, although he stresses that “this does not come from yesterday, it is months and months.” The description text has also been changed to refer to “monitors” instead of “teachers”.

The councilor for Education of Lloseta, Tomeu Ripoll, has reported that the council has already contacted the company responsible for the activity, as well as the parents of the minor affected and the parents of the group of boys who participated in the bullying. In addition, the Tutor Police of the municipality has been informed, which has already initiated the protocol stipulated for this type of case.

From the Ministry of Education of the Balearic Government they have refused to comment on the case to protect the privacy of the minor and have limited themselves to remembering that there are protocols against bullying and also that the centers have coexistence protocols.

During the 2020-2021 academic year, the Institute for Coexistence and School Success (Convivèxit) detected an increase in cases of bullying and requests for advice associated with emotional distress, depression and self-injurious behavior. During the 2020/2021 academic year, 308 protocols were opened, of which 87 were assessed as harassment. In the 2019/2020 academic year, however, 262 had been opened, of which 69 rated as such.