Wednesday, November 30

The brotherhood of La Macarena exhumes the mortal remains of coup leader General Queipo de Llano and Bohórquez Vecina

In compliance with the Law of Historical Memory, the brotherhood of the Macarena of Seville has begun this Wednesday night to exhume the remains of the coup leader General Gonzalo Queipo de Llano from the basilica where he was buried in a prominent place, as well as those of the war auditor Francisco Bohórquez Vecina. Since 8:30 p.m. there has been an unusual movement at the doors of the church in Seville. Because tonight, November 2, All Souls’ Day, Queipo de Llano leaves Macarena, 71 years after being buried with honors in 1951 and after many years of vindication in that regard, with tributes to reprisals or annual women anti-fascist vigils always under the slogan “Queipo de la Macarena out”.

The pending accounts beyond removing Queipo from Macarena, responsible for more than 45,000 deaths in Andalusia

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Just a month ago the new Historical Memory Law was approved, which made clear the duty of the Macarena brotherhood to remove the remains of the person responsible for 45,000 deaths in Andalusia and his wife Genoveva Martí, as well as General Bohorquez, from the place where they were located in the temple. The Ministry of the Presidency sent a letter on October 24 to the brotherhood, advanced by, urging the execution of the law, to which Macarena’s older brother replied that it would be done as soon as possible.

Since late afternoon, security agents were at the doors of the basilica and also some workers ready to carry out the work of exhuming the mortal remains of the generals. The head of security of the basilica gave way to relatives of Queipo and Bohórquez, who in recent days would have given their consent to proceed as ordered by the Government of Spain. A couple on a bench in the Plaza de la Macarena, a man walking his dog and the usual traffic on the historic round accompany the announced moment.

First, Bohorquez

Shortly before midnight, just when the lights of the basilica were going out, the remains of Bohórquez Vecina left the temple. When the hearse of the Mémora company left, the members of her family who attended the exhumation also left in a red vehicle. It was when the sound of the drills began to be clearly heard to continue with the work on the tomb of Queipo de Llano. The tasks will continue inside the temple throughout the night, without the brotherhood having officially reported the events. El País announced a few days ago that the exhumation, according to the older brother, José Antonio Fernández Cabrero, would take place in Novemberprecipitating the events in the last hours.

The movement within the brotherhood has been great in the last ten days. The exhumation has not been a consensus decision and there has been division before it happened. It remains to be seen if the remains of both generals finally remain in the columbarium built by the brotherhood, which was blessed in November 2020 and where the remains of a hundred brothers and devotees lie buried. This Thursday, the chapel will be closed.

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