Friday, January 21

The Buenos Aires Government seeks to promote agricultural and food production

Within the comprehensive provincial plan, called Plan 6 x 6, the Ministry of Agrarian Development will carry out different lines of work aimed at promoting agricultural and food production throughout the Province, favoring integration and rural roots.

One of the initiatives announced by the governor was the Provincial Integration, Rooting and Local Development Plan, which includes a program to improve roads and infrastructure with the aim of guaranteeing accessibility to inland towns, productive establishments, rural schools and health centers. Health. The Province will finance the purchase of materials and machines for the repair of rural roads, with a focus on those roads with the greatest daily movement for the inhabitants of the different districts.

At the same time, it seeks to expand and enhance access to internet connectivity in rural areas, and the provision of intra-property energy through financing lines to agricultural producers.

The provincial plan also contemplates a program for the Efficiency of Retail and Wholesale Food Marketing, which aims to bring producers and consumers closer together, improving the spaces and logistics of wholesale and retail marketing, and allowing consumers to obtain quality food at lower price; promote local development; and reduce distribution costs.

To achieve these objectives, fixed markets for Bonaerenses Foods will be installed in 10 municipalities during the period 2022-2023 and another 30 in 2024-2027. In addition, three new hub markets will be built.

Meanwhile, another of the initiatives launched by Kicillof yesterday was the Industrialization of Agricultural Production program, which includes the construction and / or completion of a refrigerator in each Buenos Aires district, with municipal participation, enabled for work. This will generate more employment and improve access to quality meat consumption. There are currently 17 establishments under construction / completion.

At the same time, the construction or completion of honey extraction plants, dairy plants, fish processing plants, and food processing plants and / or regional products will be promoted with an impact on local economies. Two establishments are currently under construction.

By 2023 it is expected to add 15 cold stores and eight value-added establishments, while in 2027 a total of 47 municipally-managed refrigerators will be reached, covering the entire PBA, and 20 value-added establishments.