Friday, September 30

The business that is booming in the United States and seeks to attract Argentine investors

In that line, the Argentine Rodrigo Martin, CEO of RM Networks, developed a segment for savers who want to invest abroad. “We aim to attract clients who seek to manage their business from the living room of the house, without extra expenses of any kind. The profit margin is high and immediate, and in dollars, with a lower investment than that of a property and without hidden risks ”.

To enter the business, you have to make an initial investment of US $ 65,000 to purchase a first pack of 10 ATMs, and contribute US $ 10,000 of working capital, one time only. In addition, you must have a bank account located abroad and a contract for the ownership of the ATMs is signed.

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One of the biggest attractions that it proposes RM Networks It is the immediate profitability, which is achieved by the average of the operations of all the locations where the ATMs are housed. For the total package, a 6% annual Return on Investment (ROI) is calculated and once the location becomes better known, the estimated rent is up to 10% annually. If it is possible to maintain a better annual performance, that difference will be divided between the administrator and the owner in equal parts.

For each withdrawal made by the user, a surcharge is generated, that is, a surcharge. Of that amount charged, a percentage goes to the location, another part to the maintenance of the units, and the rest is the commission for the investor.

RM Networks In addition to installing and recharging flows, it is also responsible for finding the best location for ATMs, a key point when it comes to improving profits. According to Martin, “the state of Georgia and the outskirts of Miami in Florida are the spaces where cash circulates the most, which is why in 2022 we will continue the expansion of ATMs in those areas, as there is a high density of potential customers.” Although in the United States the penetration of electronic means of payment is high, there are still cities where physical tickets are common currency and having accessibility to ATMs is important.

Each of the ATMs has a special software to work and link the owner’s bank account, and it also serves to monitor movements and earnings in real time. “Technology is a great ally when it comes to starting a business from miles away. Having geolocation tools to know the exact location of an ATM and verify the movements is an advantage over other investments that we know ”, added Martin. From the mobile application, the customer will be able to see the location of each ATM, the transactional history, the surcharges statistics and the money loads. All information is available online, 365 days a year, anytime, anywhere.

If any location does not have a good movement in a reasonable period, the company is responsible for finding a new location for the ATM. Also, as an advantage, RM Networks proposes to get a buyer for the ATMs if the investor wants to go out of business.