Thursday, August 5

The businessman José Luis Ulibarri confesses five crimes before the trial of the Gürtel de Boadilla del Monte case

The media and construction businessman, José Luis Ulibarri, is the author of a crime against the Public Treasury, another of influence peddling, a third of prevarication, a quarter of fraud against the Public Administration and a fifth of falsity in commercial document. At least that is what he confesses now, two months before the trial begins for the alleged corruption developed by the Gürtel plot in the Madrid town of Boadilla del Campo (Madrid), and that it will take place from September of this year to February of 2022 in the National Court.

Ulibarri’s confession joins those already made by other 27 defendants, such as that of Gürtel number two, Pablo Crespo, who admitted at the beginning of the year in a letter of agreement that he had received ‘bites’ from the businessmen José Luis Ulibarri and José Luis Martínez Parra, another who has also admitted payments to Correa’s plot.

In the letter sent to the National Court by the lawyers of Ulibarri and the company that he directed -UFC SA- the commission of the crimes that the Prosecutor’s Office accused him is recognized, although he rejects having civil responsibility and asks that the extenuating confessions be applied and reparation of the damage to lower the jail request.

The Prosecutor’s Office requested a total of 7 years and 1 month in jail for Ulibarri for having achieved with the mediation of the plot the adjudication of a plot, in Polygon B of the Urban Planning Plan of Boadilla, for 35 million euros and therefore that he would have paid a million illegal commission that was covered up with payments for services that were not provided, according to the oral judgment. The businessman proposes that the penalty to be applied is only 19 months in prison, below the 2 years in prison that imply entry into prison. He also asks that a fine of 41,200 euros be applied to him. In the oral trial order, between fines and bonds, 6,157,333 euros were imposed

In the Boadilla del Monte piece, the bribes that the companies linked to Francisco Correa gave to authorities and officials of the Madrid municipality between 2001 and 2009 to obtain bids have been investigated. As Judge De la Mata pointed out in one of his proceedings, the plot “came in practice to direct all public contracting” of Boadilla del Monte, the historic fiefdom of the PP in Madrid.

Ulibarri is also pending this trial of Gürtel in Boadilla del Monte, to be tried in the final piece of the Gürtel plot for alleged payments from himself and his company Grupo Begar to Franciso Correa. In addition, the resolution of his situation in the Punic plot, for which he was called to testify as a defendant, and in various pieces of the Enredadera operation, which is now divided into thirty courts, is pending. In recent months, the businessman has left his main companies in the hands of his children, including the Edigrup publishing company with which he publishes Diario de León or 50% of Radio Televisión Castilla y León, the regional television concession.

In the dock of the accused of the Boadilla del Monte piece, in addition to the leaders Francisco Correa and Pablo Crespo, other regulars of the plot will sit, such as the administrator of the companies Isabel Jordán, the businessmen Alfonso García Pozuelo and Jacobo Gordon, or José Ramón Blanco Balín, the financial architect of the plot, among others.

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