Sunday, August 14

The Cabildo de Tenerife authorizes the return to their homes of almost all those evacuated by the fire

The President of the Council of TenerifePedro Martín, reported this Monday afternoon that, after the meeting with the technical team evaluating the fire forest active in the mountains of the island, it is considered that the security conditions exist so that most of the almost 600 evacuees in the area can return.

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The residents with permission to return are those of Orégano streets in La Orotava, and Las Arenitas and Cruz del Castaño in Los Realejos.

Martín has clarified that there is a small part that cannot be returned to for now because there are some points near Tigaiga where the fire could still be reactivated. For this reason, the preventive evacuation of the area closest to the hillside is maintained, which includes the Camino del Madroño area and affects around thirty homes.

This decision is adopted in application of the Special Plan for Civil Protection and Emergency Response to Forest Fires of the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands (Infoca).

The almost 600 evacuees have spent the last two nights in hotels set up by the municipalities, as well as in the homes of relatives and friends, and so far no one has had to be referred to the shelters set up for it.

Martín has recalled that the fire is still not controlled.

This Monday the fire has not progressed compared to Sunday and remains with a perimeter of 27 kilometers, active in three outbreaks with 2,700 hectares affected in four municipalities in the north of the island: Los Realejos, Icod de los Vinos, La Guancha and San Juan of the Rambla.

The area of ​​greatest concern, as explained at a press conference this morning by the president of the regional government, Ángel Víctor Torres, is the Teide National Park, where the flames have not yet reached but are approaching, albeit slowly, and the area of Tigaiga, in Los Realejos, because this is an almost vertical wall in which only aerial means can act.

Martín has reported this afternoon that the fire may be contained on its western slope, that of the Teide National Park, and that efforts are focused on protecting the flora and vegetation of this area, specifically, near La Fortaleza and other areas in which it will be “very complicated that it can burn”.

Most of the aerial means that fight the fire now work precisely in this area. Likewise, the insular president has indicated that a protection distance of around 1.5 kilometers will be delimited from the “hot spots” that still persist in the Tigaiga mountain so that an important part of the people can return home. who have been evicted.

Martín has trusted that the return can be started in the afternoon, calmly and without waiting for night, and has indicated that the delimitation work has been agreed with the Los Realejos City Council.

He added that it does not seem that the number of affected hectares will increase, about 2,700, because the fire “is still contained”, although he has referred to the evaluation of the works that will be offered tonight.

It has also considered that, predictably with more favorable weather conditions, it will be on Wednesday when data “that lead us to more tranquility” can be offered.

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